Saturday, October 30, 2010

I have a thing for zombies

I've realized recently that I have a thing for zombies. I just love them to death--hardy har har

When I was wee little, Night of the Living Dead (the old black and white one) scared the daylights out of me. To this day, I refuse to live near a cemetery just encase the zombie apocalypse does occur.
*side note* I'm gonna be super disappointed if the apocalypse does occur and there is not one zombie.

Then again, the remake of The Blob and yeah, this one is real embarrassing, Tremors scared the crap out of me.

Today, I still won't watch the Blob, but I love Tremors (and Kevin Bacon) and I can't get enough of zombies. On Saturdays, while I'm writing, I always end up watching a Zombie movie. I prefer the dumb and slow George Romero version over the freakishly fast ones from 28 Days Later.

Right now, I'm watching one of my all time favorite movies, Shaun of the Dead. So in time for Halloween, I just wanted to give the much under appreciated group out there a shout out. I LOVE ZOMBIES.

One of these days I will write a novel with zombies. One of these days.

Now on two a different thing. I am super excited to say that my WIP is almost done--should be done this weekend. Just in time to start a new novel (which just may be a sequel to Half-Blood).

And on to some "Yippee!" news. I have received an offer of publication for my YA novel, Half-Blood this past week, from an honest to goodness real publisher. It's a small press, but for a debut author, it's like a perfect fit. Especially since the editor is awesomely awesome and is really behind my book. Which gives me the warm and fuzzes. I think finding an agent, editor, publisher--any of them really comes down to having someone really believe in your work.

I'm still waiting to hear back from a few agents who have my full of Half-Blood, but I ready to move forward. You peeps just may be seeing my book some time in the future. =)


  1. Woot! Congratulations!! Enjoy the ride! Let us know when Half-Blood comes out. Do you know yet if they want to keep the title?

    Small presses can be great. I just had, coincidental to the rest of your post, my first zombie story accepted for a small press print anthology. Go zombies! And small presses!

    Happy Halloween :o)

  2. Yes, I think the title is going to stay as part of a series.

    You half to let me know when the anthology is released. Being that I'm a zombie lover.

    Thanks again!

  3. Mmmm... brains... nomnomnom.

    Congrats to you!