Monday, November 29, 2010

Fake Book Reviews

So over the holiday weekend, I saw this surprising and somewhat scary article regarding fake Amazon book reviews. 

Apparently, there is an old tradition of rival publishers, agents, and/or authors are creating fax accounts and leaving scathing reviews for books they have not read.

This was the first I heard of this. Of course, you will have readers who leave reviews for books they've never read. Either giving it 5 stars because they like the author/series or 1 star because they dislike the author/series. But for someone in the business to be doing it? Wow. 

So be careful when you're reading reviews on popular sites. They may not be an accurate portrayal of the book. That is why book bloggers are you best source of information. 

What do you guys think of this practice?

To view article please click HERE


  1. It would appear that the Department of Dirty Tricks isn't just in politics or Fox News, but in the publishing world...

    A rotten thing to do, certainly.

  2. That's sick to think of. There are more then enough readers to go around!

    =) Btw, Half-Blood is on my radar!=) I cant wait!!

  3. William - def. a rotten thing. Books should sink or swim on their own merits,

    LovLivLife- So excited to hear Half-Blood is on your radar. Can't wait to hear what you think!

  4. =) Most Definitely. I have a great feeling about Half-Blood!