Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Books and More Books

So I got a ton of books in the mail yesterday

Firelight - which I read in a few hours. It's a fast read. Short sentences, present tense. Loved the draki (dragon) story. I'd actually love the book if I'd actually liked the main character. 

Iron King- Half way through it. I love Julie Kagawa's writing. She has the young adult voice so well and Meg is hilarious-- vulnerable and yet strong. I'm still not big on the whole faery thing

And I still have these two to read (Iron Daughter and Wish). Plus a couple of new releases for January and Feb that have been trickling in.

What are you reading?

Also, Disgruntled Bear is holding a pitch contest over HERE. She's taking the first 20. You better hurry up, mofos.


  1. At the moment, I'm concentrating on academic textbooks... more's the pity!

    Firelight sounds interesting.

  2. I loved Jacinda.

    I just finished the Iron Daughter and Queen so amazing.

  3. Cari - I am little scared by what I read about Iron Queen. I hear its a tear jerker.

    And just couldn't connect with Jacinda and her thigh squeezing habits. lol

    William - textbooks ... glad I am so done with that

  4. Iron Queen: Try cry your eyes out for a long time after you finish the book. My heart still hurts but it's so good.

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  6. That is scaring me. And I'm confused by the fourth book. Is it a sequel on just Ash telling his side of the story?

    I think i have a feeling how it will end (Iron Queen). I just may stop on the 2nd one.

  7. See I'm confused about the fourth book also. Is it like when Angel left Buffy and went to start a new life. If so I'll be so mad but if it fixes things which I hope it does then great. Still hurt!

  8. Cari - I actually canceled my pre-order for Iron Queen. I read the reviews and even though they didn't give away anything except that its heartbreaking. So I canceled pre-order and will wait and see what Iron Knight is actually about.