Thursday, January 6, 2011

There's a daimon in my backyard.

Okay. Not really. If there was a daimon in my backyard, I'd probably be dead right now or screaming hysterically. 

A lot of people have asked me what is a daimon since they've seen it pop up in reference to Half-Blood.

Daimon in ancient Greek means a supernatural being not human. (daemon, demon), not necessarily evil. However, in Half-Blood, they are evil. Half-Bloods can see them for what they truly look like. I always had this image in my head of a daimon. Black, soulless eyes, so pale that the veins show in the skin, and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Death in a designer suit, basically.

Yesterday, I was searching for pics of the dead birds and dead fish (read the news if you have no idea why I'd be searching something like that) and came across this picture. Google, I have no idea why this image would come up under that search, but when I saw it .... I nearly fell out of my chair.

This is what a daimon looks like in my head. Minus the red hair and gawdy shirt. Daimons do dress nice. 

Hot, isn't he? Take him home to Momma. I'm not sure what this image is from. Do any of you know? 

Anyway, there's my daimon. He's a keeper.  


  1. He reminds me of the ghostly beings at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark... right before Belloq has that unfortunate and inconvenient head blowing up thing.

  2. If that picture doesn't make someone want to visit your blog I don't know what will. Creeptastic!

  3. Isn't he purdy? I think so. LOL.

    William- yes he does! I didn't even think about that

  4. DUDE! Seriously!

    Sadly, I can't stop looking at it. Scares me crapless, but it's...ok, it's freaking scary. At least now I'll know what to picture when I read your book!

  5. Holy crap! o.o This makes the back blurb you posted up make a whole lot more sense now...I wouldn't want to be that either.

  6. Way to give me nightmares! *shudder* So not a picture I need to see at 2:30am and about to go to bed...