Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogger Book Chat and Teasers

So I took part in an awesome weekly book blogger chat hosted by and Hale & Salvatore Supernatural Must Reads and Call Me Crazy
I do believe they get together every Monday and Friday, 5:30am till whenever. You should check them out, because not only do they have readers and bloggers showing up, but authors too. And I am talking Cassandra Clare, Andrea Cremer, Kristi Cook, Lisa Dez, and then some. (Insert me sitting quiet in chat room, b/c I'm hopping up and down on my couch in total fangurl mode) I also drop in quite a bit. The guys over there are awesome to chat with!

Here is the link to the Official Blogger Book Chat. Check them out. 
Anyhoo, sometimes I get a little tease happy on the chat and tonight some of the participants threw out a few page numbers (One of the kept saying the last page *cough Ecey cough*) and I gave them a line or two from each page. Since a lot of you weren't there, I thought it would only be fair to share them here But since I can't remember which page numbers they were (whoops), I've picked 3 different pages.

Page 54 "Gee. That means I’ve got to kick the crack habit.”

Page 170 "From several feet away, Aiden crouched on the balls of his feet. His heavy breathing filled the space between us. Eyes wide, dilated until they were almost black."

Page 218 “Are you serious?” His eyes searched my face. He found what he was looking for. “You are! Now I can add stupid to my list of adjectives for describing you.”
I wondered what the other adjectives were. “Whatever. Just leave me alone.”

I also gave them a sneak peek of my "Sekrit Project" I'm working on. This is the opening paragraph. Enjoy.
Most days I loved my afterschool job. Tagging dead heads usually gave me a made case of the warm and fuzzies. It was far better than sitting at home, watching Zayne drool over the latest chick he picked up at Bimbos R Us. I'd even given myself a nightly quota out of boredom.

PS. I've also given out some free books on the chat out of random acts of boredom and lack of sleep. 

PSS. Thank you for all the Pure cover love.You guys are the awesome sauce with an extra heaping of sauce.

PSSS. Alex "Pretty Pants" Pettyfer is hot.

PSSSS. I'm kind of tired so this post may be riddled with errors.

PSSSSS. I've written 10,013 words in 4 days.

PSSSSSS I'm kind of hungry and sleepy. Not a good combination. I just a spoonful of peanut butter and a chunk of cheese. Ew.

PSSSSSSS Zac from Ghost Adventurers is such a douche-man-bag-machine. But I can't stop watching him.


  1. That's awesome! might have to check that chat out and the teasers rocked!

  2. Jen is the best! *happy dance* I wish I could remember what page I picked because "my" teaser quote was awesome... 135 maybe? *gah* I don't know.

    The good news is that the "Lightwood Llama Song" on your page now alternates being stuck in my head with Julian Smith's "I'm Reading a Book" on the Book Blogger Chat page :0P