Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got Titanium?

Wow. A lot of people entered the contest and also came up with some great names for the contest! All of you rock. Rock my socks. Yeah, I said it. 

The winner will be announced tomorrow on my blog, so keep an eye out. If you didn't win, don't fret. We will have this contest the last week of every month running up to the release date of Half-Blood.  

(By the way, if you want to grab a counter courtesy of the awesome Carissa @  just click on it and grab a code!)

Which brings me revealing the name of the contest. There were so many, many great ideas. We are going to try to keep things lined up with the rest of the promotional stuff that's going out (you've seen the promo cards and picks), but there is still more. We have bookmarks coming in from somewhere and we also have some really cool T shirts that will be available for purchase plus giveaways shortly. Everyone should have seen the really pretty one with the flower, right?

Well, we've got another one. 

This shirt makes me giggle.

So keeping with the theme, we're going to name our monthly contest "Got Titanium?" So if you see a "Got Titanium?" post, it's a contest.

Winner revealed tomorrow. Wooooooo.


  1. I totally love this one!

    You are taking over the world JLA!

  2. So if you win you can finally protect yourself from fancysuits? :D

    Great choice, seriously! It mixes your awesome humor with book promotion, and honestly makes me intrigued about the contest. :)

  3. I love it. I just saw that somewhere yesterday. I need to get me some titanium!

  4. I love that! Got Titanium! It's awesome!

  5. Got Titanium? is awesome. Seeing the promo cards and the shirt and the counter make me even more excited to finally read Half-Blood.