Thursday, March 3, 2011

Get into the Greek

I started writing when I was about knee high to a grasshopper, but it wasn’t till 2007-2008 that I decided I was going to face plant the publication world by writing a novel that I intended on getting published.  At that time, Twilight had hit the shelves and vampires became the rage. Everything and anything was about…vampires. And I love vampires (especially those that actually bite. Sparkle? Maybe if their teeth sparkle) like the next girl, but I wanted to write something different. 

I’ve always been obsessed with Greek mythology and so when I started writing Half-Blood that was the world I had in mind. Yes. I started writing the very first draft in 2008. It was called The Others and is absolutely nothing like Half-Blood in sense of theme and location, but it dealt with Greek mythology and demigods. Half-Blood really didn’t come into fruition until June of 2010.  

For those two years since I wrote The Others, I wrote the sequel and the third one, another book that had nothing to do with that, and finally Half-Blood. (One day I’d love to share with you The Others so you can see how truly craptastic that was) During those two years, vamps and weres were still ruling the shelves and Angels were beginning to get a foot hold in YA. But other than Percy Jackson, Greek mythology wasn’t on any of the bestseller lists. 

Little did I know 2011 would be the year of the Greek and other mythology. There are so many books coming out: Wildfire (Polynesian Goddess) Darkness Becomes Her (major spoiler to explain how that ties into Greek, but OMG!), The Goddess Test, new Rick Riordan's series, Abandon by Meg Cabot (another Hades and Persephone redo), Goddess Girls, and oh-so many more.

Finally, I didn’t miss the boat on something.

So guys and gals, what do you think will be the next big trend in YA? We already know that dystopian and Steampunk lit is here and will be staying for awhile, but what’s next? Will vamps make resurgence? Will we see more books on angels? Witches? Or a swing toward contemporary lit? Or will Hell be spewing out their creatures in YA and angels aren’t the main focus?


  1. Very hard to say - like with fashion, the kids will lead the way. I guess we just have to do what all the professionals say - write what we love and write it perfect. We'll have to do a big book release celebration when your book is released. So excited for you! :D

  2. I've been seeing a lot more Celtic faerie stuff popping up lately in the paranormal romance categories. Which I am frankly excited about, because that's my big love to write about.

    I'm definitely in agreement with Brenda, though, the market may change, but our work will be what makes it!

  3. Have I mentioned that I CAN'T WAIT TO READ HALF-BLOOD. Hehe I really want to read this book :o)

  4. I also wrote Greek myth into my story! Here's hoping it becomes the next big trend, since I'm still getting ready to sub. I chose it because I loved it, though, and because it wasn't overdone.

    Can't wait to read Half-Blood. :)

  5. That's the fun part about trends - you never know what's going to be a hit. Can't wait to find out :)