Monday, April 11, 2011

The Carrier of the Mark

Okay. Please excuse me while I squeal and act all fangurly. Because it's going to happen. Ever since I read the first 5 chapters of The Carrier of the Mark, I've been dying to know what would happen next. 

Since Leigh is such a sweetie with a hottie Irish accent, she took pity on me. And trust me, when I'm all fangurled out, it's pitiful.

Today I got...


Trust me guys, you want to read this. It comes out September 13th, 2011. Put this one on your TBR pile. It's one of the most anticipated reads of 2011, earning BEA Buzz and a Kirkus Reviews interview.

I also got some cool The Carrier of the Mark cards, which I will be giving out at some point.



  1. I need to borrow that fron you when you are done! LOL - I WILL TOTALLY mail it back! Gimmie 3 days with it tops! *smiles, bats eyelashes....flashes a couple $20's*

    If you can't tell, I'm incredibly jealous and we should be doing a blog tour of this one...just saying.

  2. Lol! Go Jennifer! You should pursue a career in sales or marketing with your skills! :)


  3. How exciting! It's so pretty--I'm super jealous, Jennifer. :-)