Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday and Half-Blood for Charity!

First off, the love people over at Write Hope is auctioning off a signed ARC of Half-Blood for charity.  Please check out the auction item HERE and if you want to get the copy before anyone else does (because it will come from my personal stash and I'll probably drawl ridiculous stuff on it) and bid on it. 

Now onto my six sentence Sunday. I'm going to use Daimon (A Prequel) today since I'm doing final run of edits before sending it off to the editor. And in case this news cut lost in the blog post, Daimon will be up for sale in paperback format on Amazon and thru the publisher for those who wish to buy a copy. Price will be really low, so if you're bored and you rather spend the few books on a book instead of a gallon of gas, there you go.  By the way, gas is almost $4.00 a gallon here. 

I'm rambling.

Six Sentence Sunday! 
I didn’t want to give up my v-card on a beach and with sand already finding its way into unseemly places. My legs already felt like they’d been well exfoliated. But it was more than that. I really wasn’t in the here and now with Matt, not when I was picturing him with gray eyes and dark brown hair, wanting him to be someone else.
 Someone I would never see and could never have.

What I love about Six Sentence Sunday when it's pre-editor notes is that some of this stuff may not end up in the final cut, so this may be the only time these words see the light of day. Hope you enjoy!


  1. GAH! Still dying to read it.Now even more...hopes a copy magically appears in my mailbox...I sent very nice e-mails to people who might be able to make that happen *bats eyelashes and smiles pretty*

  2. Awwwwh. >.< Sounds like Unrequited love to me! Poor girl! If you dont want to give your V-card close those legs! haha. :D Great hmmm... "Teaser"?

  3. I love it, Jennifer!

  4. Love it!!! And I will beg every day until I get a copy of Half-blood, JS. :D haha, love you Jenn!

  5. Good news, this is actually from Daimon so you won't have to wait very long!

  6. *snicker* i freaking love Alex.

  7. "I'm rambling."

    Well....your blog is title Ramblings and What Not! :)

    LOVE the teaser!

  8. Ooh, great teaser! I'm hoping Daimon comes out sooner rather than later because I'm eager to delve into it. I'll probably have to get the physical copy too because I have a thing for uber pretty books and yours are just that :)