Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kick starting the blog tour with Half-Blood Teaser Trailer

Tomorrow kicks off the Daimon (a prequel to Half-Blood) Blog Tour. Listed below are the stops Daimon will be making. Make sure you check them out as there are fun stuff to be won and during the chat Thursday night, the info you pick up from the blogs holds the answers to trivia questions where you can win even more cool stuff. 

Monday May 9th
What's going on? Character interview with Alexandria (Alex)
Prize? Swag Pack Giveaway

Tuesday May 10th
What's going? In honor of Daimon release day, there will be an exclusive excerpt from Half-Blood
Prize? A signed Daimon Poster

Wednesday May 11th
What's going on? Character interview with Aiden St. Delphi
Prize? Signed Half-Blood Poster

Thursday May 12th
What's going on? Daimon Playlist
Prize? Swag Pack giveaway

Thursday Night at 6:30pm EST
Live Chat over at Read.Chat.Love
Discussing Daimon and what to expect from Half-Blood, plus guestions
Giveaways: Signed Daimon Copy, Rune stones, and swag

Friday May 13th
What's going on? Character interview with Seth
Prize? A signed printed copy of Daimon

Some of you may be wondering how you can read Daimon. On Tuesday, I will list all the links to how you can read Daimon free.  

Here are some: here, Goodreads, the official website of The Covenant Novels, and the SPH website. (All FREE methods will be available through a PDF format)

Amazon is selling the kindle edition for .99 and the print edition for $3.99. I've been told Barnes and Nobles is also selling their nook edition, but I haven't checked. 

Now, to kick start the blog tour, here is the 2nd teaser trailer for Half-Blood. You get a glimpse of Seth, see Aiden and Alex, plus a hint toward the plot of Half-Blood. Hope you enjoy.

And as a Mother's Day surprise/gift, here is an early link to read Daimon for Free


  1. I want this book. Right now! But I'll allow Daimon to tide me over until I can get Half-Blood and meet all these characters that I've only gotten glimpses of before.

    The teaser is awesome (and Aiden is oh so sexy). I'll be checking out the tour too!

  2. For the public, one more day...

    So I'm going to gloat while I can, because I already read Daimon.


    That is all.

  3. I love, love, love this book trailer.

  4. OMG, Jennifer!! I can't possibly wait until September to read MORE!!! That's not a teaser, that's freaking TORTURE!! LOL ;D
    Alex is so very ALIVE and ordinary and funny and real, I'm pretty much in love with her! And Aiden... man, I'm not sure if I want to kiss him or if I want to punch him! O.o lol