Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Release Dates

Hey peeps. In light of my recent book news, there's been some question about scheduling and releasing of other books, so I thought I'd take a quick moment to give you the best up to date releases for all my books. Just so everyone knows, no one series affects the release of another series. Unless I totally crap out and miss deadlines. But I don't see that happening... hopefully.

BTW, there will probably be news regarding that series sometime soon. I'm pretty sure I can say this: the first 3 books are already written and in the capable hands of Spencer Hill.

  • Young Adult Novels
The Covenant Series
Daimon (prequel available now) There are links to the side
Half-Blood 10/18/2011
Pure 04/2012
Untitled 3rd Fall of 2012
Untitled Novella (Aiden POV) Winter of 2012/2013 (most likely) 
Untitled 4th Spring of 2013

A Cursed Novel
Cursed 09/2012

  • Adult Novels 
Unchained  03/2012 (Lily and Julian's story)
Untitled 2nd 05/2012
Untitled 3rd 07/2012

So there you go. That's 8 (9 if you add the two novellas together) book release schedule. Some of the dates are subject to change, depending on a number of factors. But that's what it's panning out to look like.


  1. I am so excited for you! I cant wait to read all of your books:) YAY

  2. I can't wait to read the Covenant series! :)

  3. Wow!! How do you have time to do anything else! ;-P
    You make the rest of us with only ONE book coming out look like wimps...congrats!!

  4. Fantastic, J. You have your work cut out for you. Good luck!

  5. Oh yay! Thanks for doing this post and relieving my stress. =)

    You are on my calendar.