Thursday, July 28, 2011

Covenant Series

A quick, cool announcement today concerning the Covenant Series.
The third book has a title and a sort of release date. 

Deity (The 3rd Covenant Novel)
Release November 2012

There isn't much I can say about the novel without it being super spoilery for Half-Blood and Pure. Other than there are big, big changes in Deity.  I've actually seen the cover (it's probably my favorite so far) but the cover and blurb won't be hitting the internet until after Pure since even that is spoilery. 

But I'm super excited to stop referring to the book as the "3rd Half-Blood Book"!


  1. Now I know the title of what I'm looking forward to :-)

  2. Love it, love it, love it! But I want the cover and blurb ;) At least the cover lol :D

  3. so looking forward to reading it

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  5. That's a great title!! I am looking forward to reading more , like you wouldn't believe. You did such an awesome job of Half-Blood:D

    The cover for Deity I am trying to pick the colour of the cover. Half-Blood was one , well the only ARC I have been given and I felt very priviliged . I could not put the book down. Jennifer has written the most amazing page turner. I think about the book all the time as it was that awesome!!!! I've read it twice and shall read again soon. Just WOW!!


  6. Thanks everyone!

    And thank you Novels on the Run!

    I can tell you that the cover of Deity is red.

  7. Ooh, Deity, veery interesting title. And a red cover too! Awesome :).

  8. Awesome, we've got a title! I'll take that for starters. :D Can't wait to read Half-Blood, and later, Pure!

    New follower. : )

  9. So looking forward to seeing the cover... oh yea and reading the book too. :)