Monday, August 22, 2011

Half-Blood Character Tweets

This was a part of the Half-Blood Blog tour, and you can view it here , but a lot of people contacted me about it being really hard to follow. There must have been some formatting issues in the post and kind of hard to tell who is who without any introduction. 

chupacabra is Alex's twitter handle
CalebisCool is Caleb
GuitarGuy is Aiden 
imkindofabigdeal is Seth
ImQueenLea is Lea

chupacabra I really don’t want to train 2day. Butt hurts.
CalebisCool  @chupacabra um, Alex that just sounds wrong.
imkindofabigdeal  actually, I’m interested by this tweet @chupacabra @CalebisCool
chupacabra  @imkindofabigdeal you’re such a perv, Seth
chupacabra @CalebisCool doesn’t change the fact IT hurts
Guitarguy @ chupacabra Get off twitter. You’re five minutes late.
Guitarguy @ chupacabra btw, I don’t get your screen name, Alex
imkindofabigdeal YOU LIKE IT when I’m a perv @chupacabra  @Guitarguy
chupacabra OMGods, @Guitarguy Gee, Aiden. It’s SATURDAY. Can’t I sleep in???
CalebisCool @chupacabra @GuitarGuy Heh. Aiden is like Big Brother. Always watching
GuitarGuy  @imkindofabigdeal. Seth, why did u send that tweet to me? @chupacabra
GuitarGuy @chupacabra And no, you can’t sleep in
imkindofabigdeal why not? @GuitarGuy @chupacabra
chupacabra oh gods
CalebisCool And so it begins
GuitarGuy @imkindofabigdeal That didn’t answer my question @chupacabra
imkindofabigdeal If you’re really that slow, I feel sorry for you @GuitarGuy  @chupacabra
chupacabra let’s run away together @CalebisCool
GuitarGuy You do realize I can and will hurt you? @imkindofabigdeal
GuitarGuy  Have you even gotten out of bed yet? @chupacabra
chupacabra Yes @GuitarGuy
CalebisCool You’re such a liar @chupacabra @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy ALEX @chupacabra Thank you @CalebisCool
chupacabra Sigh. OKAY @GuitarGuy u suck @CalebisCool
imkindofabigdeal BRING IT PURE-BLOOD @GuitarGuy
chupacabra kiss off @imkindofabigdeal
chupacabra & I swear to the gods if u respond perversely to that, I’ll maim u @imkindofabigdeal
CalebIsCool heh @chupacabra @imkindofabigdeal
imkindofabigdeal I would never think of doing such a thing @chupacabra
GuitarGuy There is only one thing I hate more in this life than daimons….
imkindofabigdeal so why aren’t you following me, St. Delphi? @GuitarGuy
chupacabra u r so full of it @imkindofabigdeal
CalebisCool well, he’s Kind Of A Big Deal @chupacabra @imkindofbigdeal
imkindofabigdeal  I knew there was a reason I liked you @CalebisCool
GuitarGuy Maybe because I don’t like you? @imkindofabigdeal
GuitarGuy Alex, seriously. @chupacraba
chupacabra I’m totally on my way. right now @GuitarGuy
chupacabra btw, can u not beat me up today? @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy Was that supposed to be a joke? @chupacabra
chupacabra guess not @GuitarGuy
imkindofabigdeal I bet Alex likes me @GuitarGuy
CalebisCool Twitter is like better than reality television. Can you imagine if the gods tweeted? It wouldn’t be better than this
GuitarGuy Note to self: learn meditation to prevent murderous rampage
chupacraba what is wrong with you? @imkindofabigdeal
imkindofabigdeal My life’s not complete unless you’re following me @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy and what is up with the name? @chupacabra
chupacabra I heart chupacbras. they are so misunderstood, you know? @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy No. I don’t understand @chupacabra
CalebisCool Ahhhh, I just googled a chupacabra! What is wrong with YOU @chupacraba Goat sucker???
chupacraba they’re cute @CalebisCool
imkindofabigdeal are you ignoring me @GuitarGuy
chupacraba do you blame him? @imkindofabigdeal
imkindofabigdeal I guess I understand. Sometimes its hard to be faced with such greatness @chupacraba
GuitarGuy Whoa. Leon just smiled. News Alert. Granted, he just hit someone really hard.
chupacraba LOL. Man you have a big head, Seth @imkindofabigdeal
Imkindofabigdeal Caleb? @CalebisCool @chupacabra
CalebisCool Well’s he’s kind of a big deal, Alex @imkindofabigdeal @chupacraba
chupacraba  I hate you both @CalebisCool @imkindofabigdeal
chupacraba Hey, guess what? @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy What? @chupacraba
CalebisCool You love me @chupacabra
imkindofabigdeal You love me more @chupacabra
chupacabra true @CalebisCool Love isn’t what I’d go with @imkindofabigdeal
chupacabra I see you @GuitarGuy teehee
imkindofabigdeal what would you go for? @chupacabra
chupacabra Got to go tweeters. Aiden is giving me THAT look. He’s not amused.
CalebisCool peace out home skillet @chupacabra
imkindofabigdeal when is he ever not giving you THAT look @chupacabra @GuitarGuy
ImQueenLea So many stupid tweets filling up my timeline today. Sigh.


  1. you should write more of these! lol

  2. I agree with Amanda you should write more of these they are funny and fun to read. Lol

  3. Thats awesome Jen!!! (I'm half way thru Half-Blood by the way) So much love there! :)

  4. This is too funny, gotta love twitter lol.

  5. Cool! I love how you used Twitter! It's so funny!

  6. that was awesome, I was dying here laughing!