Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Half-Blood coming to Spain?

Why yes! Half-Blood and Daimon will be coming to Spain via Ediciones Kiwi S.L.! And that's not all. It will be available THIS FALL, with close to a simultaneous US and Spain release date.

I'm super excited to be working with the Spanish publisher and to see Half-Blood and Daimon come out so quickly overseas. 

So far, Half-Blood will be available in English, Turkish and Spanish. That makes me super exited and really thankful for the awesome team at Spencer Hill Press for making all of this possible by thinking people would actually want to read anything I write! 

And guess what. I have the Spanish edition covers to share with you today! If you could only see the huge cheese grin I have on my face right now. 

Don't forget I'll be having a live Q&A show (giving ARC and swag) tonight at 6:30pm EST  HERE 


  1. I LOVE these covers. They seriously give me chills.

  2. The Daimon dude is hot, which is kind of scary considering they are scary.

  3. Congrats Jennifer! =D I'm SO happy right now. It'HUGE to know your books will be coming to Spain. =D I'll stalk the libraries here in Madrid when release date comes and let you know about people buying and reading Half Blood and would even take pictures! ^^

    Thanks for tha wonderful news. :)

    PS: I wanna marry the Daimon's cover. ;p

  4. LOVE IT! How exciting is this??? I'm so happy for you and the new, incredible covers. Woot!

  5. Congratulations!! I wonder what country you'll conquer next :-)

  6. Congrats Jennifer, I love the covers.

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