Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aiden's POV and spoiler chat

Got some exciting news for you, although some of you might already know, but during the Half-Blood blog tour (October 17th-21st) there will be the first one and half chapters of Half-Blood released from Aiden's POV by the gals from Books Complete Me. I have posted two teasers from that write up, and I will post a third one here. 

Also, on Tuesday October 18th, Books Complete Me will be hosting a SPOILER chat. Time and location will be announced soon. So if you come to this chat, be prepared to be spoiled. I will talk openly about the book and Pure. 

Oh, and I will be at the West Virginia Book Faire the 22nd in Charleston, signing books and I'll have swag and copies of Half-Blood. 

Now for the good stuff, yo. 

Earlier teasers:


Catching one of her hands, I spun around and clamped her arms to her sides. She bent forward, trying to kick me. No good deed goes unpunished… I moved out the way. “Don’t,” I warned, speaking directly into her ear. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Her breathing was harsh, broken as she struggled like we were one the ones who'd put her through hell. The string of curses she put together was actually quite impressive and would’ve been entertaining if they hadn’t been directed at me.


Thank the gods Deacon was alone. If I walked in on him one more time half naked, I was going to have to let a Furie gorge my eyes out.

My younger brother was sprawled across the bed, face down, clothing rumbled and a flask beside him, seeping only the gods know what he’d been drinking into the mattress. Without further adieu, I kicked the post on the bed. Hard.

“What?” Deacon mumbled into the blanket. “The bathroom is down the hall…or go outside. Whatever.”

“I know where the bathroom is, asshat. This is my house.”

Deacon froze and then let a loud sigh as he rolled onto his back, squinting up at me. He smiled—actually smiled at me. The only trait we really shared was the eyes, but his gray ones were muddled. “Hey, bro, welcome back.”

I wanted to take him outside and dump him in the ocean. Hold him under until Poseidon kicked us out.


And Final teaser

 “Shut up!” she screamed, gathering up the last of her strength, breaking free of my grasp only because I hadn’t held her tight enough to hurt her.
Alex dodged Kain and Leon, who’d stood by, looking equally shocked and amused. Her long, stringy hair flew out from behind her as she picked up speed, heading for the exit.
Kain smirked. “Well, this has gone as expected.
I sighed. “I’ll get her.”
“Make sure you don’t break her or anything,” Leon said. “I doubt her stepfather would appreciate that.”


  1. YESSSS <3 Half-blood book tour <33 and AIDAN *squeee* <333 cannot wait!!

    and psh... what about eastern PA... we still want you to come here!! :)

  2. Ahhhh Aiden !!!! Cant wait until the tour! Thanks for the awesome Aiden POV!!!!

  3. Oh I am sooo excited to read from Aidens POV! Squee! Love the teasers.

    Thanks Jennifer for such a fabulous book.


  4. I love reading Aidan's POV!! <3 Awesome!!

  5. Awesome! I'm looking forward to following the blog tour.

    Love Aiden's POV!!!

  6. That sounds so cool! Can't wait for Aiden's POV!!

  7. This is so awesome. I can't wait to see things from Aiden's POV!

  8. ..............More please?

    And, I finished Half-Blood in two days. I would have finished it in one, but I had to do homework and y'know, sleep.