Thursday, October 27, 2011

Books I'd Give Away a Small Child For

Okay. I have a mad case of procrastination right now, which leads to be a very special, very important, you must read, pointless blog post. 

I'm going to call this: Books I'd Give Away A Small Child For to Read Right Now. 

Soul Screamers Books 6 and 7
No covers - sad face
(I love Todd. That is all)
Demon Trapper's Daughter 3 Forgiven

(I demand some Beck and Riley love in this book. If not, I'll go grade 5 demon on someone's behind.)
Shattered Souls
(Not only is the author one of the nicest people in the world, I've heard nothing but awesome sauce things about this book)
Dreaming Awake
(Given some of the cool, creepy scenes in the 1st book, I have high hopes)

The Last Echo
(I'm really hoping there is no love triangle in this book. It would be nice to read one series that didn't have that. Maybe I'll write one. Pfft, Probably not)
Until I Die
(Vincent is dreamy)

(OM...Angels, can I marry Tucker, and make our own Footloose movie? PLEASE)
Okay, so what are some books you'd give up some kids for?


  1. Uh, Obsidian xD I'd give up my entire neighborhood for that.

    And yeah, every single one of Rachel Vincent's books that haven't been published yet >:( I love her. I love Tod. I love Cam from Blood Bound.

    And Legacy by Molly Cochran. I love Simon Teen books and witches.

  2. I would definitely give a child up for Insurgent, Until I Die, The Last Echo, Bloodrose, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess!

  3. SOUL SCREAMERS<3 Hallowed<3 Until I Die <3 The Last Echo <3 YESSSSS. I'd prob give away a small child for Obsidian #2 as well....

  4. I want all of those books to I would not give up my daughter for them but I would give up a leg lol.

  5. I love your list! I agree with you, Jennifer, I'd also giveaway away a small child for these reads.

    I'm head over heels in love with Jana's series. The demon trappers rock, especially Beck <3
    Shatter Souls is a fantastic read, and very unique. Mary Lindsey did a wonderful job with her debut =)
    I also can't wait for Dreaming Awake, Falling Under was an incredible read. It was also very unique in it's demon aspect. Definitly a highly anticipated sequel of mine.
    And who can forget The Last Echo, Until I Die and Hallowed! They all sound wonderful! I'm expecting a lot more Rafe in Last Echo, and a lot more awesome romance and kick butt scenes in Until I Die and Hallowed!

    -Wendy from A Cupcake and a Latte: YA Reviews

  6. So many of your choices are on my list. The one that aren't, I need to start the series first. Plus Pure, Cursed, Incarnate, My Life Next Door, Article 5, Lies Beneath, The Fine Art of Truth or Dare and the list goes one.

  7. HAAAAALLOWED AND BOOKS 6 & 7! I'm in looooove with Tod! :D

    Liza @ Book Crook Liza

  8. Pure and Obsidian, ofc. Insurgent (Divergent 2), Until I Die (Revenants 2), Shatter Me, Soul Screamers (5,6), anything Mortal Instruments (5,6),Infernal Devices (2,3), Shine (Shade 3), Dreamless (Starcrossed 2), Forgiven (Demon Trappers 3)and YES dammit Beck ♥ Riley NEEDS to happen!

  9. I might know a certain WV blogger who got a copy of Hallowed this week...wonder if she can squeeze it in soon and let a certain WV author borrow it...

  10. A fantastic list! I can't wait to read these books - I'll have to check out Jana Oliver's series.

    I am soooo looking forward to the release of so many other books! Obsidian and Pure of course as well as Insurgent (Veronica Roth), Incarnate (Jodi Meadows), A Million Suns (Beth Revis), Sacrificial Magic (Stacia Kane), Pandemonium (Lauren Oliver) & Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer to name just a few.

    Have a great weekend!