Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pictures of the Week

Some cool pictures from this week.  First off are some pics of Half-Blood in the bookstores. 

 The look pretty good together, don't they?

 I do believe it's like 32% off online- just sayin'

 It's the Half-Blood fan. The newest innovation in cooling. 

I also got this package of awesome sauce in the mail. God only knows how long it was sitting on the front porch. I must've been day dreaming or something when it was dropped off.
Yes, they are Advanced Reader's Copies of Obsidian. And they are purdy.

And then I gave away this huge arse package of swag on twitter. I'll do this again on the blog soon. I have a lot of left over swag.

And this just cracks me up.

And so did this....


  1. YAYYY HALF-BLOOD in the wild!!! :D None of my bookstores in the area seem to have it yet or I'd go stalk!!!

  2. I love the last photo LOL, oh gollum!! YAY Half-Blood.. YAY Obsidian - cant wait to order my copy:) Congrats Jen!! U are an awesome writer

  3. Obsidian looks gorgeous and shiny too. =P

  4. love love it! :) you're so funny! :)

  5. AHHH!! Look at Half-Blood in a bookstore!! And sitting next to Carrier no less!! I wish I had bookstores here, I would so be stalking it and taking pics and making it face front, and sitting it on end caps :)

    Love the Obsidian author copies, they're so gorgeous!!!

  6. Obsidian looks gorgeous and shiny too. =P

  7. So pretty! I can't wait for obsidian. I really want to read that one.


  8. If I wasn't stuck at home with pneumonia, I'd be running for the bookstore to find your novel!

    And I can hardly wait for Obsidian to come out!!!

  9. Oh , aren't those pretty pics!



  10. Excellent pictures of the books!

    Gollum, what you have to do is go after the author of that book!