Friday, December 9, 2011

Obsidian Novella

For those who follow me on twitter, you've seen some lines from the Obsidian novella I've been working on.  Here are some of the lines for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading, 'cuz I got news for you.

Sheer grit got him off the ground. Immeasurable stupidity had him bum rushing the thick shadow coming at him like a suped up bulldozer.

Because gosh, he kissed her like he’d been starving to do so.
Funny how seeing a culinary work of art go to waste made you mean as a sneak 

Breathless, she stared up at him and swallowed hard. “Okay. You have reflexes of a cat on steroids.” 

“She makes me happy. And shouldn’t that make you happy? For me? Without her...yeah, it wouldn't even matter.” 

Daemon strung together an atrocity of f-bombs. Quite imaginative, too, and even Matthew looked impressed

There are some of the teasers I've given, but I've never, ever said who the book is actually about or what POVs you will be seeing in the novella. Details are below!

Expected Publication 02/2012
Currently only planned in digital format w/ limited paper copies

The story is told in 3 POVs. 
Yes, one of them is Daemon.
But the story is really about two other characters introduced in Obsidian that are near and dear to my little heart.
The story is about Dawson and Bethany. Yep, Dawson as in Daemon's twin brother. 

I am so, so excited for you to read their story, plus sharing Daemon pre Obsidian, which is really cool. At some point, the cover and the official blurb will be shared. 

In other news, Entangled will be launching a super awesome contest on Saturday. You guys are going to LOVE this. Also, it's been ages since I've done a vlog, so....

Tuesday Dec 13th 6:00pm EST
We can chat about Obsidian and Half-Blood or whatever
You can view my live vlog HERE 
Hopefully I will have Pure ARCs to show and give away by then

And because I think they are purdy

 Updated teaser between Daemon and Dawson

The foyer was dark, and as he stopped, he frowned. Music thumped through the house. The lyrics Whoop, there it is! blasted from the speakers. He knew before he entered the living room that Daemon was listening to one of those TV channels that played nothing but music.
            Sprawled across the couch, with his arms behind his head, Daemon moved his bare feet in perfect sync to the song.
            Dawson’s brows arched up. “Whoop there it is?”
            “What?” He tilted his head toward Dawson, grinning. “I like the song.”
            “You have such questionable musical taste.”
            “Don’t hate.”  


  1. OMG! I can not wait till the Novella and it's going to be interesting learning about Dawson and Bethany

  2. So cool!!!

    Can't wait! Unfortunately I have to work Tuesday...but still. It'll be good!

  3. Too exciting! Hopefully I'll be there at teh chat on Tuesday!

  4. Yup! I'll be picking this one up. I LOOOOVED Obsidian.

  5. Yay for pre-Obsidian Daemon! And for Dawson too. LOL I like that song too XD

  6. OMG!!! This is so awesome! I can't wait to be able to read it. I am really looking forward to learning about Dawson, and pre-Obsidian Daemon.

  7. Oh wow! That's excellent news, Jennifer! And it comes out in February(my birthday is then!)

    I'm really excited for it!

    A Cupcake and a Latte: Young Adult Reviews!

  8. Yay, GREAT news! I was actually wondering about Dawson and Bethany, I really wanted to know more about them!:D And I definitely wouldn't mind some Daemon pre Obsidian for my birthday.:P (it's in February too).

    Wish I could be there for the chat... Damn time zones difference! *sigh*

    Anyway, I loved the teasers and I'm really excited about the novella!

  9. Yayyyy cannot wait!!! Thanks Jennifer :)

  10. Freaking out excited here! Yes I want to read Dawson's story but some from Daemons POV! *happy dance* *more happy dance* *even more happy dance* Okay I'll stop now. =)

    Sad I can't make the chat - still at work in the mountain time zone :( Hey but if no students show for study session (I can hope) I'll be there late.


  11. Obsidian was AMAZING! And I can't wait for the novella and Onyx. Thank you for giving us more Daemon...he's such a riot!

    Wendy @ Escape Into Fiction

  12. SOOO excited!!!!!! Can't wait...... How lOng is the wait?