Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seven Days of Christmas.

In celebration of the Seven Days of Christmas, I'm going to celebrate each day with something a different, something fun, and what not. There will be a contest involved. (Check blog tomorrow. Hint. Hint.)

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite scenes from an upcoming Covenant Series novel. I can't tell you which one, but it's not spoilery or anything. Just fun. 

           “Because of you two, I’ve died more times than I can count.” Adonis’ glare bounced between Persephone and Aphrodite. “It gets a little old.”
            “I loved you,” Aphrodite cried. Her hands flew to the blonde ringlets
            Persephone’s huff was a delicate sound of indignant fury. “I loved him more.”
            “You both have loved me to death! Over. And over.”
            “Persephone,” Hades snapped. The air reeked of sulfur. “You shame me. Again.”
            Ares snorted. “Join the club.”
            I so needed to get out of here before this turned into death match between spurned gods.
             And then Hephaestus arrived.
            Heph folded his massive arms. His anger so violate the bushy beard of his twitched. “At least you did not catch your wife in the arms of another man in your bed, Ares. Oh, that’s right. It was you sleeping with my wife in my bed.”
            Oh, dear gods, this was like the Olympian version of Jerry Springer.
            Ares groaned. “Heph, don’t you think it’s time to let that go? Or are you going to be riding that pity party for eternity?”
            Yeah, by the look on Heph’s face, that was never going to happen. I squared my shoulders and cleared my throat. “Ooo-kay guys, can we get back to the whole world is going to end in a massive ball of flames problem?

Check back tomorrow for more Christmas goodness.


  1. That's awesome! I love it. Thanks for the teaser. ;)

  2. Ha ha! Jerry true. Keep em coming!

  3. LMAO, that is so Alex talking!

    "Oh, dear gods, this was like the Olympian version of Jerry Springer."