Friday, December 30, 2011

Vote 250 Pure Teaser

Alex has reached over 250 votes,  As promised, a teaser from Pure. DO NOT read if you haven't read Half-Blood.

“Alex.” Aiden moved out of the offensive stance, studying me closely.
“What?” I dropped my arms.
He opened his mouth, seeming to rethink his words. “You’ve been looking a little tired lately. Are you getting enough rest?”
I felt my cheeks burst with color. “Gods, do I look that bad or something?”
He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Softness crept across his features. “Alex, you don’t look bad at all. It’s just that… you’ve been through a lot and you seem tired.”
“I’m okay.”
Aiden placed his hand on my shoulder. “Alex?”
My heart thundered in response to his touch. “I’m fine.”
“You keep saying that.” His gaze flickered across my face. “You always say that.”
“I say it because there isn’t anything wrong with me!” I swatted at his hand, but he dropped his other one on my shoulder, effectively trapping me in front of him. “There’s nothing wrong with me,” I said
again, but much quieter. “I’m okay. Completely a hundred percent fine with everything.”
Aiden opened his mouth, probably to say something ridiculously supportive, but he didn’t say anything. He just stared at me and then his grip on my shoulders tightened. He knew I was lying.
Everything wasn’t fine.
Nightmares of those horrifying hours in Gatlinburg kept me up at night. Nearly everyone at school hated me, believing I’d been the reason for the daimon attack at Lake Lure during the summer. Seth’s constant stalking only added to their suspicions. Out of all the halfs, only Caleb
knew I was fated to be the second Apollyon—and fated to complete Seth as his supernatural supercharger or something. His continuing attentions didn’t win me any fans among the female halfs. All the girls wanted Seth, while I just wanted to be rid of him.
But when Aiden looked at me like he did now, I forgot about the world. I couldn’t read much of anything from Aiden’s expression, but his eyes… well, his eyes told me he wasn’t doing so great with the whole pretending-we-hadn’t-almost-hooked-up charade. Aiden still thought about it; hell, he was thinking about it right now. Maybe he imagined what would’ve happened if Leon hadn’t interrupted—maybe even as much as I did. Maybe he’d lie awake and remember how our bodies had felt together. I know I did.
The tension racked up several degrees and my body warmed deliciously. These were the kind of moments I lived for. I wondered what he’d do if I stepped forward and closed the distance between us.
It wouldn’t take much for me to do it. Would he think I just wanted comfort? Because he would comfort me—he was that kind of guy. And then, if I tipped my head back, would he kiss me? Because he looked like he wanted to do both. Hold me, kiss me, and do all sorts of wonderful, forbidden things.
I stepped forward.

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  1. What a great teaser. Thank you so much! Alex FTW!!!

  2. Aw man, you HAD to end the teaser there? Haha, GAH I need more Alex and Aiden!! And maybe with Seth too.:P Go, Alex, GO!

  3. Well, like Alex says.
    These ARE the kind of moments I live for!