Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obsidian Swag Pack- UPDATED

Wow. Fans of the Lux Series pretty much rock, as do the readers of the Covenant Series. I cannot believe the amount of pre-order receipts I've received from those who pre-ordered Obsidian and wanted the swag pack. 

I've received so many beyond what I initially expected that I'm going to have to close the pre-order Obsidian Swag Pack down early.  Mainly because I'm going to run out of a swag. 

So what does this mean? If you've already sent me a receipt, that's great. I will begin sending out the swag in groups over the next month or so.  I will not respond to the email unless you didn't include an address... which a lot of people did not.

EDIT: And there is confusion about this address thing. If you didn't include an address that doesn't mean I'm canceling your swag order. All that means is that I will email you. If you included everything in your first email, I will not be responding. You do not need to email again.

If you email me a receipt of a preorder for Obsidian starting right now at 7:41am,, Wednesday March 28th you will not receive a swag pack. I wish I could keep going!

If you missed out on this, I'm sure I'll do another one for Cursed.

Also, while I have everyone's attention, please note that I do NOT send out ARCs for any of my novels. I've been getting a lot of requests for them again. Please refer to the publisher of the book you are interested in for all ARC requests. 


  1. This is so disappointing!! I was about to do it over this weekend since I'm waiting for my salary to come in. Can't you make more??

  2. WOW! That was fast! That just shows how many people love your books :).