Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pure Release!

Pure (Book 2 in the Covenant Series) is out today!

Pure was released early, but it's not really official to the release date, at least not to me.

So we're going to be celebrating the release and because people have asked, I'm going to be doing a  live vlog tonight!

Where: Livestream 
When: 6:30pm EST

What are we talking about?
Pretty much anything Covenant related
Anything you want
I will also be chatting about Daemon Invasion, so if you want to know more about that tune in
And I will be revealing the Deity back jacket blurb for those who attend. 

Hope to see you there! 


  1. Hmph.. I get out of work at 6 and wanted to go to the gym.. looks like I'll be skipping that tonight.. haha!! Can't wait!

  2. AHhh I will try to be there. I will have to let hubs take care of getting the kiddo ready for bed and stuff. ;)

  3. Yay!!! In UK time that's 11:30pm but oh well! I'll be there! Happy PURE release day!!

  4. YAY! Happy Book Birthday PURE!

    I wish I could make it - won't be home from school by then since I'm 2 hours behind you. I'll pop on when I get home and see if you're still chatting. =)


  5. Wooot!! Happy Birthday Pure!! <3
    Totally gonna be there!!

  6. Happy Birthday Pure!!! Watching you on livestream! I'm soooo excited about the street team!

  7. That was Epic! Loved it! <3 You're amazing!

  8. Awk, I missed it! But Loki sure is cute!

  9. Yay !! I've just ordered a copy :)!!