Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Foreign Editions Info

I have some exciting news to share with guys about foreign rights for my books. I've been sitting on most of this for awhile, but now I can share most of it. Yes, still waiting on a few other things.

The Covenant Series

HALF-BLOOD and PURE have sold to Cbj (Random House) in Germany.  (Ja!)

PURE and DEITY have sold to Dogan Egmont in Turkey (Evet!)

PURE has sold to Kiwi in Spain (¡Sí!)

(Current foreign editions: Daimon and Half-Blood are available by Dogan Egmont in Turkey now; Daimon and Half-Blood are available by Kiwi in Spain now).  

The Lux Series

OBSIDIAN has sold to Dogan Egmont in Turkey (Evet Yabancılar!)

OBSIDIAN has sold to Platforma in Spain (¡Sí! Aliens!)

No word on expected publications, but I'm assuming 2013 for most titles, maybe sooner or maybe later. This is what I can share today. Keep an eye out for me. It's coming!


  1. I knew it! ¡Sí, Obsidian en español! My dream came true! I ♥ you, Jennifer!

  2. ¡Wonderful news!
    Congrats for the rights sold ; )
    Can't wait to see Obsidian in spanish edition.

  3. :O in Spanish??
    I'm so wary... : / I know I should support my language more but the translated editions take a lot of the magic for me... still...
    I'm so happy for you Jennifer!
    And can't wait to see the covers! IF the change at all! :D

    Pero... yey!! Felicidades y ojala se puedan disfrutar igual que las versiones originales...

  4. Congrulations and c***! Not in France, I talk about you at my friends in books, so maybe one day...

  5. Finally and as Latinos we have the book in Spanish obsidian *O* TE AMAMOS JENNIFER ♥

  6. They should make some in polish. that would be awesome.

  7. OH WHYYYY!!!! Why won't australia get onto this? I'm probably just being ignorant (and it probably has) but come on, I would love to just be strolling through the shopping centre in August and low-behold 'Onyx' is just sitting on a shelf RIGHT THERE. The stores in my state really need to stock up.

  8. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Congratulations! :-)

  9. Obsidian en español!!! Si!