Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Onyx Release Day!

I recently changed my email notifier on my phone so that it kind of whistles when I get a new email. I'm not used to that sound yet. Every time it happens, I'm like "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? A GHOST IS WHISTLING/TWEETING AT ME!" And then I feel dumb.

But that's not why you guys are here. 

Today is August 14! Onyx is out in the world!

Onyx is available in print and digital today.
You can do the bookstore thing
or you can order on Amazon and B&N
A lot of people have been emailing me about the Kindle version of Onyx, If you pull up the paperback version of Onyx first it's not linking to the Kindle version. But it's there. You just need to search for it.

I'd planned on sharing the laptop scene with you guys, but I'm waiting on the file from VLC. It doesn't look like I will have that for a couple of more days. So I do apologize for that. To hold you over until then, take an eye full of this.
Noooo. I'm not going to show you Pepe undressing.

But I will show you him all RAWR. Look at that mouth. 

I sort of hope Pepe and Sztella don't see this post since I'm telling people to look at his mouth. Awkward.

I will also confirm this:
The last two books in the series that are currently untitled are in dual POVs (Daemon and Katy). There you go. 

Don't forget to enter the Onyx Trailer contest on the post below. It ends tonight.

Also, while I have everyone's attention....

There is an Opal Cover making its way around the Internet. That is NOT the cover. It was an old "mockup" or "placeholder" used internally. I have no idea how it got out, but it's not the official cover. The only thing I think is even on the actual cover is the background. Not even the color is correct.

Unless it comes from me or the publisher, it's probably not the actual version.

Also, I've been getting a lot of emails from people who've requested an ARC of Opal and haven't heard anything yet. Since Onyx JUST came out, there aren't ARCs of Opal yet. You probably won't hear about an ARC until October or November. Please remember: I don't send them out or have control over who sends them.

And I do not have permission to share any additional content from Obsidian or Onyx yet. I know a lot of people want to see the extra POV scenes, but it will be a while before I have permission to share them. The publisher determines how the scenes are released and what versions they go into. I just write them.



  1. Woo!!! Happy release day!! And I nearly squealed out loud when I read the bit about the last two books in dual POVs. That just made my day :)


  2. Hooray! It's happy Daemon Day!!!!!!!!
    And good grief, Lady, are you trying to give us all a heart attack saying things like Dual POV'S and Daemon in the same sentence?
    Unbelievably excited!!!!!!

  3. Congrats Jen! I've been waiting for this day! Dual POV???? OMG! That's amazing!

  4. Woot to dual PoV. Can't wait!

  5. Yay!!! Release day blog party x)
    Congrats!! And I cant sit to grab my copy of onyx

  6. Congrats! The dual POV is going to be amazing! Also waiting for cursed release day!

  7. OH. MY. FRICK.
    So I just finished Onyx and the book was literally Every Freaking Thing I Hoped For. No seriously woman you rock :D
    I was actually worried about Daemon becoming this player dude and Katy becoming a drama queen but I love the way both characters turn out. And the cliffhanger! I wanted to scream, fast forward to December and jump up and down all at once. Honest.
    I loved, loved, loved Onyx and I'm pretty sure it'll get even better with the dual POVs (I think I exploded a bit there when I saw). And you're this goddess for releasing it three months after Onyx :D
    Love Aiden and Daemon and Deacon and Dee and you forever xoxo (:

  8. Happy release day!!! YAY to more Daemon!!

  9. Way to go Jennifer! I'll be reading in between patients this morning because I'm not waiting until the weekend!

  10. OEMGEEEREEEEE!!!!!!!
    GAHHH!! :D

  11. AWESOME!!!!!!! Your books are AMAZING!!!

  12. Happy Book Birthday Jen!!! Onyx is AMAZING and so happy it's moving on up on the charts! :)

  13. So excited! Happy Release Day Jennifer :)

  14. You should know that I just did an OMG out loud... while in the nail salon... when I read about the dual POVs. I am sure everyone is talking about me now but I do not care because that is fantabulous news!!! I can't wait. It is going to be awesome.

    Happy Book Birthday!

  15. Ah! I'm so excited about the Dual POV that's going to be awesome!!

    I didn't know today was the official release day for Onyx. I bought it last week =P

    Anywhoo wonderful news I can't wait.

    P.S. Now all I can think about it Pepe's mouth.....It looks very nice =P lol

  16. Awesome news! I love that the other books will be dual POVs =D

    Happy Release Day!

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  17. I squealed at midnight when I got the ebook, I woke up my parents! LOL
    I'm so so excited about Onyx, and with these news you've made more than happy! Dual POV's for the last two books, that's is amazing!! *cries happy tears*

    You're the best Jen!! <3

    1. LOL I squealed too! I saw the amazon email and literally jumped from my chair onto the bed to grab my kindle and turn on the wifi to get Onyx :D

  18. Ya!! My copy of Onyx came in today, but I need to get the nook version too. (I love extras and it's worth it to buy both versions)

  19. So excited to start reading it tonight!!

  20. I love Onyx so far! I'm trying to read it really slowly so as to savor my first read through! Congrats and writing such an awesome book/series!

  21. Aww, my copy came yesterday and I was absolutely estatic!! :) :) HAPPY! :)

  22. Onyx was AMAZING. I tried to read it slowly, but it was gone in about three and a half hours. Gah, Jennifer, you've ruined all other books for me. None of them can compare to any of yours. Now for the long wait for Opal :/ Hopefully you'll have mercy on us and keep us sated with plenty of teasers? ;)

  23. Just finished Onyx and am salivating in anticipation of Opal!! and dual POV *squeal*

  24. YEAH!! :D
    Also, the cover was put up on Goodreads. Just to let you know.

  25. Tomorrow arrives my copy, so excited!

  26. Woohoo!!! Alien babies everywhere!!!!!

  27. Thank you so much for being such an awesome author!!! I got my Onyx email today saying it was ready and waiting on my nook! I have to reread Obsidian first though! I can not wait to immerse myself in your books again!

  28. Just bought it and I'm dying!!! Can't hold my excitement!! Off to read!!

  29. LOL I'm reading it, Daemon makes LOL with all the different names for Blake.

  30. I love the book,I got it early had to paid more shipping cause I want it the next day.lol can't wait for the next one.Pleas do a book signing in wv or Ohio.

  31. OO This reminds me, I preordered on kindle for pc.....grumble I don't have a kindle have to sit at computer that isn't a laptop and fight the kids away .....lol!! It really isn't funny...hehe!! 3 kids one computer, one uncomfortable chair, but it is Daemon..... *sigh*

    I shall go check my kindle for pc box thingy:D