Friday, January 27, 2012

Obsidian Fan Trailer Contest

Are you Daemon's biggest fan?

Do you want to read ONYX (Book 2 in the LUX Series) way before anyone else? Like, I mean way, way before anyone?

Would you want to have a copy in your little paws on February 21st, the release date of SHADOWS?

Well, it's contest time and this contest is going to require fun and creativity.

"Obsidian Fan Trailer Contest"
To enter the first read contest for Onyx, you will need to create a book trailer for Obsidian. Of course, it will help if you've read Obsidian. And we want you to have fun. Use quotes, pictures, film, music, whatever you like. There's no limitations to what you can do. Go extraterrestrial on that book trailer. Make it shine.

How to enter:

First Round
Starts January 27th and ends February 14th 12:o1am EST
1. You must create a book trailer
2. The trailer must be no shorter than 30 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes
3. You will need to post the trailer to youtube or some other viewing site
4. You must post a link to the trailer in the comment section of THIS blog post (not Goodreads)

Second Round:
February 16- February 21 12:01am EST
Three judges (Me, Misa, and Liz) will pick NO MORE than 10 top trailers.
Those trailers will be posted on the blog and will be open for voting. 
What does that mean? 
EVERYONE AND ANYONE will get to vote on the trailer they like the best during that period. You'll get to tweet, blog, post, and scream at your friends to vote. 
The trailer that has the most votes will win a copy of Onyx on February 21th!

Excited? I am! We can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Remember: be as creative as you want to be, but please, the the trailer has to have something to do with Obsidian. 

You have until Valentine's Day to get the trailer done!
Have fun!
Daemon is waiting for you...

If you want to submit the trailer without posting a comment in the blog, you can email the trailer to jenniferlarmentrout(at)live(dot)com


  1. wow! yey! i wanna join! heck, i’ll join! :)

  2. omg this sounds so much fun, gonna start tonight :)

  3. I made this last month, it's nothing special, but I had fun making it:

    I can't wait for ONYX (and SHADOWS)! :)

  4. I can't wait to see all the awesome trailers people make. I am no good at that type of stuff. I love the trailer you made Nicole. :)

  5. HI Jen,

    This is mine :

  6. ok this is my first so be kind.


  7. okay so here's mine sorry it's not that good

  8. I loved this challenge! Hope you like lots!!!!

  9. My first.

  10. I like this challenge! I'm gonna work on mine ;)

  11. Hi! This is my entry for the contest :D

    It was my first time making a trailer and I had so much fun XD Hope you enjoy watching it as well!

  12. This is my entry for the contest...

    My first trailer/video so please be kind! :)

  13. Hi Jennifer !

    This is my entry :

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  15. Hey Jennifer!
    Here's my entry. And just so you know, do not be afraid to laugh! Baha! :P

    I can't wait for Shadows and Onyx!!

  16. Here is mine! I hope I´ve made it on time, i don´t know how to deal with all those time zones and stuff ;)

  17. Finally, after the whole day and all the possible troubles with the damn program which wouldn't work right.. It's done :) :) I really hope you'll enjoy it Jennifer!

    Happy Valentine Day!

  18. Ok here's my first ever movie maker vid, be gentle, housewife here couldn't work out media converters....blaa...blaa, so I had to make it move with still shots. Hehe!! * red faced * I have learnt a lot:D

    Have a great day!


  19. I absolutely love these kind of challenges!

    Here's my trailer. I hope you like it:

    Oh, and Jennifer, I seen that you're going to the Booklover's Convention in Chicago! I'm so happy! I'm going and I can't wait to meet you :)

  20. Jennifer , can you disregard the link above as I panicked and had watermarks on 3 images, they said free images, but I am new to all this image searching and what exactly royalty free means, I have just run it through youtube again and picked free images that don't have a watermark and swapped them over.
    Exactly same vid except the burst of light and baddies are swapped for non watermark images and car key. New link. I deleted the one above.

    1. Um, that's me Michelle.

      Lordy that was stressful. I may have been ok??? I just wasn't sure?


  21. Hey Jennifer!
    Finally I made the video:

  22. um...will you still accept mine?...I thought it was till midnight TONIGHT...not last night... :(...I've been photoshopping really hard... :)

  23. I emailed you my link on January 30th put wanted to post it too just in case :-)

  24. I'm almost done with you need to see it!...NEED TO!...lOl

  25. Oh crap, I forgot to replace one of my quotes..poo! That was me all stressed at midnight last night, it's annoying me that it's not in it...but I just have to deal with it. It was supposed to be on the library pic...bugger!

    Practice makes perfect:D
    I need lots of practice, fun challenge though.


  26. sorry this is so late...I would have finished it last night if I realized it sad 12am on the 14th and not 11:59pm like I thought...but please accept this...I've been working on it slowly between school since the contest started...

    hope you enjoy it