Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cursed Trailer

I'm so excited to share the teaser trailer for Cursed, which is available wherever books ares sold September 18, 2012 in hardcover.

Some of you have read Cursed already (Yay!) and even Deity (double yay!), but please be careful in regards to spoilers. Deity seems to be provoking the most conversations over Twitter and Facebook, and while I am super thrilled over the excitement and I know no one is intentionally trying to give away certain spoilers, keep in mind, most people haven't read either books and when someone stumbles across a comment or a question, they can't un-see that.

Also, don't forget the Behind the Scenes footage from the Lux Series trailer filming goes live on USA Today on Friday, July 13th. You'll get some funny interviews (I think I fall asleep in mine), a look at how it was filmed, and a sneak peek at the other two. 

And hey, don't forget to vote for Tod (Soul Screamers) in the YA Crush Tourney today! You can vote for him HERE

Now for some trailer goodness. Thank you to Spencer Hill for putting this together! 

Ah, Squeaky, you creepy dead hamster you...

A bit about Cursed 

Dying sucks--and high school senior Ember McWilliams knows firsthand. After a fatal car accident, her gifted little sister brought her back. Now anything Ember touches dies. And that, well, really blows.

Ember operates on a no-touch policy with all living things--including boys. When Hayden Cromwell shows up, quoting Oscar Wilde and claiming her curse is a gift, she thinks he’s a crazed cutie. But when he tells her he can help control it, she’s more than interested. There’s just one catch: Ember has to trust Hayden's adopted father, a man she's sure has sinister reasons for collecting children whose abilities even weird her out. However, she’s willing to do anything to hold her sister's hand again. And hell, she'd also like to be able to kiss Hayden. Who wouldn't?

But when Ember learns the accident that turned her into a freak may not've been an accident at all, she’s not sure who to trust. Someone wanted her dead, and the closer she gets to the truth, the closer she is to losing not only her heart, but her life. For real this time


  1. Great trailer. I can't wait to see the extra stuff from the Obsidian trailer on Friday too!!

  2. Great trailer. I Cursed and Deity. I can't wait till they are out so we can discuss it with everyone.

  3. LOL. You have a reanimated hamster, and I have a zombie deer in my book. Great minds!

  4. LOL, a very mysterious yet cute trailer! Love it! ;)

  5. Gotta love squeaky!


  6. I love this trailer. I like the girl's voice.

  7. Woow :) The story will be so awesome :D ;) Great trailer ;)

  8. Oh! I can't wait to read Cursed!!

    Trailer was amazing!

  9. That's awesome! Just mysterious enough...