Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm alive. I think.

Some of you probably noticed I'd been pretty nonexistent that last couple of days. On Friday, a massive storm with hurricane, category 1 winds, put the smack down on the city I live in. Needless to say, trees came down and so did the power lines. Like live (snap, crackle, pop) in the rooms. No power. No Internet. No nothing. Oh, except 100 degree weather. I'm pretty sure I know what hell feels like now. I'm also pretty sure I turned into Medusa during this time and my husband may be encased in stone somewhere in the house. I'm trying to get caught up on emails, comments, and general stuff.

Meanwhile, here is a few things I've learned during the course of Power Apocalypse 2012

1. I have no idea how I survived without central air before.
2. The power company will only call you and tell you that your power is up when it's not up and running.
3. Down power lines apparently affect cell phones. Huh.
4. When people come to cut down the trees, they will pull your power lines ALL THE WAY OUT.
5. No good deed goes unpunished. For real. I am not joking.
6. Generators are expensive and they smell.
7. I get a lot of writing done when there isn't any TV or Internet to distract me. True.
8. When you don't have power, you will probably talk to your neighbors for the first time.
9. I think I sweated off about 15 pounds. Score!
10. I need an assistant.

Also, I'm going to try to answer some of the questions/requests here that I saw repeated in emails, so please read this. I'll love you long time if you do.

Q. The digital versions of Obsidian (both B&N and Amazon) are saying that there is a sneak peek of Onyx, but it's not there. What's up with that? And can you send me Onyx because it doesn't have it and where can I get the two chapters?
A. I don't know why the digital formats say that. It's only ever been in the print version. Truth is, I don't have anything to do with that. I just write books. Entangled Teen is aware of the misleading page at the beginning of the digital formats and are trying to get it rectified. I can't send you Onyx. Sad face. Right this moment, only the print version of Obsidian has the two chapters, but I'm sure they'll be a sneak peek coming up soon and near release.

Q. Can you do an interview?
A. I pretty much never turn down an interview, but it may take a week or so for me to answer the questions, so please make sure you have time for me to do the questions. Sometimes I avoid my email. *Chuckles* Shameful, but true.

Q. Can you send me swag?
No. Not right now. I'm not sending out any swag, not even w/ interviews right now. What I have is currently allocated for other giveaways and what not. I need to restock on the swag and it will change in the future, but I am not sending out any swag at this moment.

Q. Is Obsidian being made into a film?
A. Unless you know something I don't, not yet. Giggle. The pictures that everyone is seeing, featuring Pepe and Sztella, are from the book trailers that were filmed in early June.

Q. What is a book trailer?
A. It's like a movie trailer for books. Obsidian, Onyx, and Opal all have filmed book trailers.

Q. Where can I view the trailer?
A. Obsidian (live on July 6th) and the Behind the Scenes footage (July 13th) will be premiered on USA TODAY. No matter where you live in the world, you'll be able to view it there. It will also go up on my blog and I'm sure other blogs out there. 

Q. How many books are in the Covenant Series?
A.  Five total and two novellas. And here they are in order: Daimon, Half-Blood, Pure, Deity, Elixir, Apollyon, and Sentinel.  Five total and one novella in the Lux series: Shadows, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Untitled 4, and Untitled 5.

Q. What about Cursed?
A.  Right now, it's a standalone.

Q. Covenant spin-off?
A. Whoa. I about fell out of my chair when I got an email asking about that. I'm not even finished writing Sentinel yet, so I don't know anything about a Covenant spin off.

That's all I can think of right now. To reward you for reading this boring post, here's a picture for you.

Aw, sweetness


  1. Not boring at all! Glad you survived and are back!!! And woooot for all those book answers :)

  2. LOL, Awww!!!

    So glad to see you made it out alive & yes, I'm pretty sure my family would be even more scared of me if I had to suffer through that, I'm quite crazy! LOL

    BTW, about the assistant...if you're hiring I'm totally applying! Hell, I'd do it FOR FREE!!! <3 you!!! :)

  3. glad your alive!!! and i continue to be blessed to live in cali! every time i think of moving out, something like crazy stoms happen in summer and i change my mind!!!!!
    and looks like Pepe got caught kissing!! super sweet!!!
    oo finished cursed also, is this where i can bed and grovel for more?!?!?!


  4. Um...might could survive without AC if I had a fan. No fan....forget it - I'd melt. Glad you didn't. Do like the idea of you writing! ;) Did you actually use paper???


  5. Missed you! Glad you are safe and didn't melt too badly!

  6. I read this whole post and then I saw that picture and my mind is now a blank... Pepe and Sztella why you so adorable!

  7. Glad your power is back...It was 101 here today and without air conditioning I may have stayed in a hotel haha! I like Valerie's question, I was wondering that too. Did you have to write on paper? Crazy how that seems like a crap ton of work these days haha. Anyway glad you survived the heat/hurricane/wind storm!

  8. Not a boring post...turning into Medusa could have been cool. Glad you are okay and that the AC is back on.

  9. The whole power outage thing totally sucks!! OMG I would have died in this heat without a/c or something. Glad that your power is now restored and bonus that you got a lot of writing done!!

  10. POWER OUT sucks very much. You are very lucky to have yours back. Im at day 3 without power and i hear tommorw its supposed to be even hotter then then today where i live
    (using the library computer) To bonus it off is my basement got flooded===so not coool.

  11. So nice to read you again.

    July 6th... can't wait!

  12. I don't know if I could have loved you any more, but after this, if it was possible, it happened. Sorry about all the nasty weather, but thanks for all the updates! I was also seriously disappointed when I didn't get to peek at Onyx, but I can wait!

  13. I'd totally be your assistant for free!!! Or you could pay me in your books!!! ^-^

  14. I'd totally be your assistant, I'll work for free or elseyou could pay me in books!!!!!!!!!!! :-D oh and plus try living with two little brothers for a week like that:-P.
    library computers rule