Friday, August 3, 2012

Pepe and Sztella Interview Clip plus more!

Hiya Guys! I have some presents for you today! When we did the Behind the Scenes footage for Obsidian, which you can view HERE, a lot of you expressed disappointment because you didn't get to see Pepe and Sztella's interview. We do have a very short clip of them, but there was some audio problems with the interview and we couldn't get it loud enough for the actual Behind the Scenes. 

But because we are ...... 

One Week away from the Official Onyx trailer debuting, we thought we'd give you a little present.We have a clip of Pepe and Sztella's interview. Pay close attention to it, because there is something you need from this clip. More details later.

When we did the interviews (all of them) it was the last day of filming and all of us were exhausted and completely out of it. But it was a lot of fun.

And aren't they just adorable and then some?

The Official Onyx trailer debuts August 10, 2012 on USA Today. Can't wait!

Now for some more fun!

I'm going to be at YAFest in Easton, PA THIS Saturday(8/4/12)  signing books. I will have ONE copy of Onyx, TWO copies of Deity ARCs, and TWO copies of the Spanish version of Half-Blood to giveaway.

For those who are able to attend (sorry guys that can't! But that's why I do giveaways all the time here!), come see me and tell me what I said in the interview clip. Yes. I did speak at one point. And yes, I am hidden behind the couch. Don't ask. It was comfy there.AND that's a big hint.

It will be first come, first pick. You guys got that?

Details on YAFest is HERE


  1. I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID! But sadly I live in Canada. :(
    These two are so cute! <3

  2. They are adorable! <3
    Sztella is gorgeous. :)

  3. Oh wow - how exciting! See you tomorrow!!

  4. Hahaha. Love this!
    Have fun at YAFest ; )

  5. They are adorable. I love them! <3

  6. Seriously, I love him. He has the best laugh.

  7. I know what you said but I live in Venezuela so it's like far impossible to get there :(

  8. YOU were behind the couch!?!? Too funny. Yeah I heard what you said - laptop.

    I so wanted to listen to Pepe talk. Love that accent.


  9. Loved that!
    They are beyond cute!
    I agree with Val, love that accent!

    Magen Corrie
    ~Corrie the book, crazed girl

  10. Lol!!! Too funny that you were behind the couch, but I heard you. :) Love Pepe's accent.

  11. Will you ever be in Minnesota by any chance?

  12. they're so cute together :) *.*

    And I heard you... sucks that I can't go :(

    We all Make Mistakes

  13. *giggles*

    They are adorable! I ♥ Pepe's accent!

    Have fun at YAFest!

  14. Hi! I love your books. And I know what you said. :) But, sadly, I live in Portugal :(... Have you tried selling your books here?

  15. How can two people look so beautiful??

    I can´t imagine what their children will look like, if they ever have any :D

    I can´t wait to read Onyx!!! Counting the days :)

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  17. I won Deity! Jennifer was so great to meet. I was such a fangirl!

  18. When will the trailer be on usa today and when you say it will be on usa today do you mean the website? I know that is a stupid question but I wanted to make sure