Monday, December 6, 2010

Character Worksheets

I never really used a character worksheet before. I know a lot of authors swear by them and believe they are a great way to flesh out your characters. I have a hard time doing them, because I find them incredibly boring.

But as usual, I was procrastinating this weekend and thought, oh what the hell. Why not? What if I did the questionnaire completely from an MC's POV? As if she was filling out the answers herself. That amused me. And believe it or not.  It actually helped me get to know the character better.

So here is my Character Worksheet. Don't worry. There aren't any spoilers. But I was amazed at what you can learn about a character without giving anything major. 

Basic Statistics

Name: Alexandria Andros (Alex)
Age: 17
Socioeconomic : For real? I’m a half-blood. I’m not even on the social ladder of success
Hometown: Deity Island. You blinked, you missed it. Off the coast of North Carolina.
Talents/Skills: Kicking ass, throwing apples, breaking noses, smiling, and general mayhem. Did I say kicking ass? Oh. I did. Hmm. What else am I good at? Staying alive. Which reminds me of that god awful song my Mom used to sing. Some people say I’m funny. Does that count?
Siblings: None that I know of.
Significant Others Yeah, that’s a touchy subject. Gonna skip that question.
Relationship skills: Ha.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5’5 Which is midget size compared to the rest of the halfs and pures.
Weight: Now come on. Girls should never be asked that question, you jerk.
Eye Color: Boring old brown
Hair Color: Boring old brown
Glasses or contact lenses? Pfft. I’m a half-blood. I do have good eyesight.
Skin color: Pink
Shape of Face: Um . . .  the shape that faces come in.
Distinguishing features: My boobs. No just kidding. I like to believe that all my features are distinguishing.
How do you dress: You’ve seen the clothes Caleb picked out, right? God. This isn’t how I normally dress.
Mannerisms: I fiddle with my hair a lot. I’ve also been told I act like I have ADHD, because I never stayed still, but then again, that was coming from Aiden, and he is always standing still.
Habits: Nasty crack habit. Okay. I was told to scratch that off and that this questionnaire is serious. Geez. I guess talking too much and not taking thing seriously.
Health:  I practically glow.
Hobbies: We aren’t allowed to have hobbies. Only pures get that kind of downtime. Whose reading this by the way? Pures? Oh.
Favorite Sayings: I’m going to cut you. Sweet Baby Jesus. Save me Tom Cruise. For real.
Speech patterns: Huh
Disabilities: Talking too much
Greatest flaw: What a deep question. I don’t have any flaws. Okay. Someone just listed my flaws off for me: irrational, childish, reckless, and I don’t ever pay attention. Sounds like compliments to me.
Best quality: My flaws. Strength.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: I’m in High School. Kind of.
Intelligence Level: GENUIS
Any Mental Illnesses? Snort. None that I know of.
Learning Experiences: I learned pretty quickly that daimons will bite the neck if it’s the only exposed flesh available. Someone totally missed the memo on that one.
Short-term goals in life: Staying alive. Becoming a kickass Sentinel. Losing my virginity at some point would be nice too. Meeting a nice guy.
 Long-term goals in life: We really don’t have long term goals since most of us don’t live that long.
How do you see yourself?: I see myself as a half-blood in training. What? Am I supposed to say something else? I see myself filling out this stupid questionnaire.
How are you perceived by others? They think I’m awesome. Well, not so much anymore. Who cares.
Are you  ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Logic. Emotion. I swear to the Gods, I’m going to hurt him if he tells me to answer these questions honestly and seriously one more time. Someone is going to lose an eyeball.
What would most embarass you? Did anyone notice they spelled ‘embarrass’ wrong. Nice. Who runs this stuff? All right. What embarrasses me? Your Mom. Becoming a Guard instead of a Sentinel.

Emotional Characteristics

Strengths/Weaknesses: Seriously. Haven’t you already asked this question? I refuse to repeat myself.
Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert
How do you deal with anger? Um. Just ask Lea.
With sadness? Who is reading this? 
With conflict?  Life is full of conflict. You just deal.
With change? Life is full of change. You just deal
With loss? I rather not discuss that. Thank you.
What do you want out of life? Now that is a trick question. I want all half-bloods want. Hunt daimons, kill stuff. Blah. Blah. Blah.
What would you like to change about your life? I wished I had checked my Mom’s bedroom a lot earlier than I did.
What motivates you? Revenge.
What frightens you? I . . . I don’t know. We aren’t supposed to be frightened of anything.
What makes you happy? Um. Training with . . . well, just training. Yeah. Like in general.

Spiritual Characteristics

Do you believe in the Gods?  I believe they are on the absentee list
Now my question for you guys, do you use character worksheets? And if so, do you or does your MC answer the questions?



  1. How funny! Great job getting into your character's head with this character worksheet. It does sound like fun, well, after reading yours. I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. I've never done them, but after reading this on I think I have a new procrastination method for the day.

    Alex is hilarious, btw.

    Your editor got ahold of me. Thanks.

    I'm looking forward to the read.


  3. can't wait to read this book, just based on the questionnaire. alex is a hoot!

  4. They remind me of those emails people forward. They're fun to get creative with. And that's exactly how I describe my eye and hair color. Maybe Alex and I are twinkies.

  5. I like your character ws. I think I will borrow it/outrightly steal it. :)

  6. I really like this idea. Going to implement it on my triology. Thanks for posting this!