Saturday, December 4, 2010

Can you guess?

I just got done watching Sherlock Holmes . . . Now, I'm watching Eclipse. I should be working on Pure, the sequel to Half-Blood. And I will. I swear. Like in a few minutes. But I have to share my squeal like a fangirl moment.

While watching said movies, I was over lurking on facebook pages. (For those who remember my earlier, earlier post -- you know how much I like to lurk) and I was checking out the Penguin Paranormal page, and saw this link.

Since it contain words like Vampire Academy and Love triangle, I had to take a look. Awesome blog by the way. This is probably one of the most in depth character examinations I've ever seen. 

But I about fell off the couch when I scrolled to the end of the post. See if you can guess why.


  1. Um, the Bloodlines spinoff??? Thought I'd stop by and say hello :)


  2. Hey! That's my post (obsession)! :D

    Between Kate Kaynak's praise, the teaser and the GoodReads info, I couldn't help but think this book would be PHENOM. Super pumped. Seems like it has that tough girl feel that VA had. YAY!

  3. "And I will. I swear. Like in a few minutes."

    This made me lol. :) Love it.

  4. Hey Rachel! Bloodlines should be awesome!

    Looksie - It made my day to even be on the same webpage as the awesome that is Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy.

    Lesley - Haha. I'm going through the same motions right now. Need to write. Now. Not later. In a few.

  5. "And I will. I swear. Like in a few minutes."

    So she said... a few hours ago! :)

  6. Omg! congrats on the feature at another blog!

    I don't follow this series, but it's always fun to see something come to an exciting conclusion as it will by the sounds of it with all that hype!