Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting to know Myself . . . what?

I've realized a few very startling things about myself this weekend. Okay, maybe not startling. And maybe I already knew these things. Maybe I should stop rambling? Yes. Good idea.

I'm a last page/last chapter reader. What does that mean?
  • I'm the person who flipped to the last page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to see who survived while standing in line at Walmart at 12:01 am on the release date. And yes, if I don't like the ending (especially if its a series) I just might not buy the book and live in my HEA. I know. It's so wrong. 
I love spoilers
  • Yes. You read that right. An author who love spoilers. I love me some spoils. Obviously if I read the last page first, then knowing the ending doesn't hinder me. I'm freakishly impatient. But I don't like people who spoil it for people who don't want to be spoiled. That's why God made email and IM.
I've wrote several books already
  • I've learned there is a lot of confusion surrounding my last name, which has led readers to believe I am this Jennifer Armintrout Clickie Clickie Here. That's not me. But I'd loved to be her. She sounds awesome. Half-Blood is my debut novel. So I can't claim any fame for writing those above books.
I love bullet format
  • I have nothing to say on that. I just wanted to bullet something
Will I thank Ricky Bobby in my acknowledgment section? 

  • Why, yes I will.  Talladega nights has given me so much in the way of laughter and distraction that it needs a Thank You. 
I have a mean face
  • Well, there is a less nicer term for it, but I do. I'll admit it. My Mom used to say I had the "Ice Princess" look down flat. I didn't agree . . . until I looked at my own facebook picture. And I'm like . . . Wow, I look like that a lot.  What a . . . .
So Guys and Gals, are you all a last page reader? Do you scour the internet looking for spoilers? Have you had a bout of mistaken identity? Do you like bullet format? And what about Ricky Bobby?


  1. What about Ricky Bobby?... Sorry, I read the last sentence of your post first. And apparently I have a twin in every state from here to Utah... or this one dude REALLY gets around.

  2. What about Ricky Bobby? He's awesome.

    I like to think it's one dude. Because . . . wow.

    Once, while I was in college, I was walking to class (in the guys defense, I was wearing sunglasses) and this older man approached me and started talking about "Last Night" and how great it was. It was one of those moments when I needed an adult.

  3. I'm a last page-reading-spoiler-lover author too.

  4. I am a last page reader. My husband hates it. I don't like looking for spoilers, but ... if I happen on them, I read them.

    Bullets, eh...

    Ricky Bobby, LMAO when ever I watch any of Will's movies.

    Unfortunatly I don't have a doppelganger out there in the world (that I know of).


  5. I totally to the mean face all the time too! If I'm not smiling, I look seriously pissed off! HaHa!

    I look for spoilers for TV series and stuff if it's been going on a while and I just start watching it. I don't really do that for books though - unless I don't ever plan on reading them.

    I actually choose books to read based on their last line. I HATE stupid last lines. If the last line isn't BETTER than the first... I usually won't read the book (unless it was recommended by someone I trust or a part of a series I am already invested in). Or I bought the boo on amazon and didn't realize it had a shitty last line!

  6. I look up spoilers. I can't help it. I totally did for Last Sacrifice. I didn't flip to the end though. If I flip to the end and find out it's a cliff hanger then I'm just going to be mad in advance.

  7. I so am not a read the last page or go out of my way to find spoilers. How, oh how can you do that? Bullet points are cool, they make things organized. I'm all about organization. I haven't a clue who Ricky Bobby is? Should I? I have had a case of mistaken identity. It was SCARINESS. Oh, gosh I went out of order but don't feel like making it orderly. Thanks for you random mumblings.

  8. so when i used to perm my hair--it was the late eighties, forgive me--people told me i looked like the ghost of christmas present in scrooged. which i wasn't sure was a compliment. And Ricky Bobby should be president. Of course, i could be wrong, I'm all jacked up on mountain dew.

  9. Finally someone else! I read the last page every time to make sure the ending is good. I've been burned enough by bad endings, I go by Emma's stance in the romantic comedy "Alex & Emma": If I like the ending, I'll enjoy getting to it.

    Spoilers, I love giving them, I love getting them, however I agree in that giving them to people who don't want them isn't nice or fun at all.

    Ha! I wish I'd get a mistaken identity, it would be some free publicity I think.

    Ricky Bobby...He both frightens and amuses me. Fun post. :)

  10. I'm definitely a last page reader.

    I deeply dislike Will Ferrell fan, so does that answer the question?

    And I've got a genetic influenced scowl that looks like I'm ready to kill.