Thursday, December 9, 2010

What have I learned from The Walking Dead?

I just needed to express some more zombie love. Especially since my new favorite TV Show has ended after 6 freaking episodes.

Ain't she lovely. 

What have I learned from The Walking Dead 
  1. Cops should really check the car for more than one armed suspect. As a wife of a police officer, I seriously hope my husband doesn't get shot in the vest, climb to his feet, and stand with his back TO THE car full of criminals. (BTW - when they did this flashback, I thought it was zombies driving, and I was like "Way cool.")
  2. If you wake up in a hospital and there is a half eaten person laying on the floor and scads of dead people outside, and a horde of groaning people trying to get inside . . . Probably a good indication the world just ended and you're screwed.
  3. Young boys with baseball bats will hit first and ask questions later. They will also cuss after doing so
  4. If your wife thinks you're dead, she will automatically hook up with your partner
  5. If your partner thinks you're dead, he will automatically hook up with your wife
  6. You're kid with have serious issues. 
  7. Apparently a lot of rednecks survive the zombie apocalypse. Yeah, that's right. Check my location. You guys are all screwed and I'm so living. I already know several bow hunters. Score!
  8. Shooting a gun in a tank is not a good idea.
  9. Riding a horse into a zombie filled city is probably the stupidest thing I have witnessed in years. Drive the tank
  10. Zombies are no longer called zombies. They are "Walkers" because they . . . walk? Or is zombie an inappropriate term? 
  11. Shaun of the Dead helped our lovable deputy and crew survive. I so told a coworkery of mine once that if there was a zombie apocalypse, I was going to just pretend to be a zombie and amble around. Score again for Jen!
  12. Keys are easy to "drop" 
  13. Our deputy is way too honorable guy. I wouldn't have went back for the racist. 
  14. Never talk about needing to pee. It leads to only two things: Social awkwardness and getting bit by a zombie
  15. Damn. Mankind sucks leaving all those poor old people alone
  16. Why didn't anyone go hide out in a Cosco? Its so on the wiki page "Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse" (Yes, there is one and it's hilarious). A Cosco is stocked with everything.
  17. If there is only one doctor left in the entire CDC, you know he's going to be 'effed up. Stay away. STAY FAR AWAY. I'm not kidding you.
  18. Damn. Decontamination is no joke. Yikes
  19. Checking out has a whole new meaning
  20. The French will last longer then every other country. 
 So zombie . . . er walker fans, what did you learn from The Walking Dead?


  1. I'm sure this list could go on for days but you definitely got the main points! I'm working on my own plan for surviving a zombie apocalypse, and it includes preparing myself emotionally for killing someone I love after they become infected. Oh, and I'm definitely not giving up the term zombie :)

  2. I am just amazed that despite a zombie apocalypse, Rick seems to keep his tee shirts so incredibly white.

  3. HA! I saw the commercials for the finale of this series. I gotta say, our world is screwed if this ever happens. I didn't get to watch it, but it was an original concept for a mini-series of all things.

  4. It is a great show. I like how they call zombies Geeks (carnies who bite the heads off of live chickens and rats at the circus.)

    Shooting any gun in an enclosed space tends to suck.

    I want to know what CDC guy whispered.

  5. CDC guy probably whispered, "You all are screwed."

    No. Just kidding. I do tell. I hate when they end on a cliffhanger like that. Sigh. When does the new season start?