Monday, January 31, 2011

I squealed today

I squealed today and I don't squeal often. Okay. I do squeal often but I usually don't admit it.

But today is different. The mailman brought me a package I wasn't expecting AT ALL. 

See, I get this nondescript box and I'm like "I wonder what can be in this. I didn't order anything that would come in this kind of box."

Open box and the first thing I see is an actual T shirt with my novel cover on it. I so was not expecting that. And to make it even better, I have some guitar pick swag now! And the guitar picks look so darling I want to hoard them all.

But I think a lucky winner of my contest will get some .....

Aren't they precious!

I'm going to go squeal some more.


  1. Woohoooo! How cool!

    I love the picks, and your T shirt is gorgeous!

  2. Wow that's so awesome. Those guitar picks are wicked cool. It's all wicked cool. I'd love to win one of those guitar picks *squees*.

  3. OMG! Those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!

  4. I love that you squealed. If I squealed it probably would have included a snort snort snort with it. I occasioanally do that! Congrats! That is something to squeak and snort about!

  5. That is awesome! Guitar picks...WOW. Any idea how you got those amazing things? :D

  6. I squealed seeing these. Coming from someone with 6 guitars in my house these are extra fabulous!

    Punch a nail through the end and put on a keychain for added fabulousness!

    Eeeeek For You!

  7. Some of the picks actually have clips on the back that allow them to be buttoned on.

    I'm not sure how they were created, but I lurves them. Lurves them a lot.

    And by the way, there is a reason why guitar picks were created. Tee-hee

  8. I love the pics! And the shirt is gorgeous.

  9. Wow that is so awesome! Soooo exciting.