Sunday, January 30, 2011

Need a Contest name

Well, I have learned that contests are super popular. 

So I've decided I need a cool reoccurring contest name for my blog and I want it to have something to do with my novel, because you know, I'm into some shameless marketing at the moment. 

Even though I love cowbell, it has nothing to do with Half-Blood. And neither does vans.

Which means "More Cowbell" and "In a van down by the river" won't work. Sorry guys. 

But I am asking for your creative help in naming the contest. I figure you guys should have a say in it since your will be seeing once to twice every month. I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Don't forget to enter the contest on my other post. It's open till 02/02/2011.

On a side note: I really need to get a book shelf. Nightshade keeps falling off the back of the couch and whacking me on the neck, and it's a big book. It hurts.


  1. I think it should be called "A Contest Of Godly Proportions!" I would definetely enter that! And it involves the book plot a bit, sort of, i think... Anyways, I need a bookshelf to! And Nightshade is huge! I wouldn't want to be hit in the head with it!

  2. Kreag!!!!

    I like your suggestion. And yes, Nightshade keeps hitting me over and over again. It's like some sort of subliminal message or something

  3. Maybe something about the Daimons? 'Enter or You'll See Fancy Suits...' That's probably less of a name...Kreag's sounds good enough already!

  4. How about "The Covenant Giveth" or "The Covenant Gives" I am partial to Old English but I think it gives some people brain seizures. hehe.

    OR, "Covenant Contest". I love alliteration ALMOST as much as Old English.

  5. Maybe "Alex's Epic Covenant Contest." Or "A Most Ungodly Giveaway." And last, oh look, it's time for this week's "Half-Blood Swag Bag." Har. Har.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    How about "A Bloody Awesome Contest"? ;)
    Since your audience is (most likely) young adults, then use key words that would pique their curiosity ;)
    I just became your latest follower.
    Good luck with your contest!

  7. Name that contest... so fun!

    Just a stab in the dark, but how about something like "A Daimon of a Contest." Or maybe "Are You A Lucky Daimon?"

  8. Hey new followers!

    Love the suggestions, keep them rolling in. I'm going to have such a hard time picking one.

  9. "It is written: It Helps To Be Lucky"

    I thought of thisand googled it to make sure it's
    original. Its different! Good luck with the books.

  10. How about "A Catastrophic Covenant Contest_ A Contest So Great It Could Destroy The World!" Thats kind of long though, but my old one was kind of boring. I'm still thinking though!

  11. "The Covenant Craver's Contest!" I know I am craving Half-Blood, I'm really excited!

  12. Or maybe...

    Everyone's a winner! (Unless you lose).

  13. "Snoozers Are Losers...The Covenant Creed."

    "This Contest is Full of Win!"

  14. "Ready, Set, Slay: A Half-Blood's Get-'Em-While-They're-Hot Giveaway!" A mouthful, yes. But tasty.

    "Others Wish They Were Half as Bloody Awesome as this Killer Contest!"

  15. How about "A Contest For The Covenant Crazed" ?

    or "Half-Blood Happiness"?

  16. A Cowbell Rings in the Van Down by the River When a Half-Blood is Born Contest

  17. Let's see, at the moment my writings have me caught up in visions of the end of the world, so somehow "A Pale Cowbell Contest Named Death And Hell Followed With It" wouldn't do...