Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bookmarks and me being a cornball

The Half-Blood bookmarks are in, and I love them. They are very pretty and super shiny. I must have a something for shiny things. As soon as the picks come in, I'll start sending out some swag for those who have requested it. Check them out ...

So I also got totally corny with Half-Blood after receiving a preliminary e galley copy of the book. I wanted to print it out. An ink cartridge later, I have this:

A thick 3 ring binder with a printed out copy of the cover. Giggle. Inside, you see this:

Which is the title page. Giggle. Then here is a chapter heading:

Yeah,  I cut off the words. Ha.

I know, it's corny. But seeing it printed it out is pretty cool to have. Soon we'll be hitting the proofing stage where I actually get to hold the actual book in my hand and mark it up. That will be fun!

Also, check out this blog! If you see the hastag #TeamAide(a)ns on Twitter, this blog will explain why. It's pretty funny Books Over Boys Blog

So that is the cool stuff I have to share with you. On a not so cool note, there are some links floating around on the internet where it says you can download Half-Blood for free already. Since there isn't a LIVE version of Half-Blood yet, these links probably aren't pirated, but actual viruses or lure sites to get your information. Not that any of YOU would download a pirated book.

Hope you enjoyed my cornballness.


  1. First, Yay bookmarks. My SASE should be there in a pretty blue envelope soon. Can not wait for Half-Blood Swag!

    Second, Let the nasty bad pirates get the viruses!
    Happiness and cupcakes,
    Shannon :p

  2. I would be just as cornball over this, too! :) I love the idea of the hash tag for the Aide(a)ns ... I already met Kristi's Aidan and can't wait to meet your Aiden!

  3. Kristi and I have decided that Aidan and Aiden would have an EPIC bromance. They would also have the coolest seats together at the Lakers game.


  4. Haha! OMG! I want me some Half-Blood swag! SQUEE! They're gorgeous!

    And omg! I would totally print out an egalley copy of the book as well. It just looks way more awesome, IMO! *__*

  5. They look awesome! (Hey, I don't blame you for putting it in a binder, it looks so pretty awesome! :D) Can't wait for actual publishing in a matter of...lots of months.

    >:( Grrr to the net pirates...They need to clean up their act.

  6. Oh dear, that's so exciting! The bookmarks are completely gorgeous, and I've heard such lovely things about Half-Blood so far. I've been swallowed up into the #TeamAide(a)ns hype, as well, haha. I can't believe we have to wait over 200 days until its release!

  7. eeeeeee!

    Gorgeous as always :) SO excited!

  8. Looks great.

    I'm too much of a fan sitting and reading with the physical version of a book. I hope the world doesn't go digital. That might ruin reading for me.

  9. Kindros- I know. I'm a book type of a gal. I have some ebooks, but an actual book will always be my fav.

  10. SO EXCITING! The bookmarks look great and I would totally do the same in terms of printing it out! :-) Congrats!

  11. Ooh, bookmarks! And it's awesome that you have the cover printed out and you have it all in a binder. It makes it more real, right?

    I can't wait to see what you do when you get a physical book to mark up. I'm expecting some sort of post to commemorate it.