Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Announcement !

Quick announcement to make!

Read. Chat. Love. will be kicking off their chat blog with yours truly on March 10th. Not just a normal chat, but a trivia game where you can win books and all kinds of swag. When it gets closer to the chat, the time will be posted. Who can't pass up free stuff, right?

And yes, I'll be throwing in an advanced copy of Half-Blood that you will receive probably before the ARCs go out.

In the meantime, please check out Carissa's blog HERE  and Stacey's blog HERE for the official announcement and roll over to Read. Chat. Love. and follow the blog to be included in author newsletters, chat info, author interviews, and fun stuff.

And the even better news is this will be the place where authors a hell of a lot cooler than me will come to chat.

So please help spread the word through twitter, facebook, and your blog. Share the good times.

PS. If you've requested swag and I have been patiently waiting for me--Thanks! Good news. Your swag will be going out in the mail tomorrow and this weekend! And you will be getting some Deity Island stickers, too. Yay.