Sunday, February 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I keep forgetting to do this, but I remembered today. Kudos to me for that one. 

Six sentence Sunday... Pick six sentences from your own work or what you're reading and post it on your own blog or in my comments, cuz I'd love to see what you're working or reading. 

Mine is from a new project I'm working on. And yes, it's actually 8 lines. I cheated.

“Don’t come near me. I’ll scream or—or I’ll bite you. I swear to God.”
He smiled. “Bite me? I think I’d like that.”
I bit his hand. 
Ash didn't like it.

So what's yours?


  1. ASH?! Oooh! I'm in love already! :) Hmm, maybe I can make one up right now . . . *ponders*

    Eh, no! I'll just grab my current read, ahah!

    "Instantly, my heart tripped at the sound of his voice. So much for being rational. I slowly turned to find myself face to face with a set of blue eyes, and all my worries melted down through my sneakers into the tile floor beneath me."


    Am I supposed to list the book and author? LOL, well, duuh that would make sense. This is from Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia! *__*

  2. "Did you know - then? asked Harry.
    "Did I know that I had just met the most dangerous Dark wizard of all time? said Dumbledore. "No, I had no idea that he was to grow up to be what he is. However, I was certainly intrigued by him.

    Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
    By: J.K Rowlings

    I cheated too!! Mine is only 4 lines but 4 lines that make an impact for me every time I read them. J.K Rowlings is a true storyteller, she has a way of making you lose yourself in every line she writes.

  3. I like it! The last line makes it all work so well.

  4. Here is mine, nothing super great just yet ;-)

    Isa and Seth looked attentively at me but I couldn’t help being distracted by Isa’s bubblegum colored lips. Her uniform and attitude were within regulation and there were no rules against makeup. Even as her Headsquad I couldn’t really tell her to tune it down. But bimbo gone rambo just wasn'y my thing. I was more into army colored panties and combat boots.