Sunday, March 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

O.M. Gee. I remembered to post a Six Sentence Sunday twice in a row. The world is ending. 

So I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do my Six Sentence Sunday on. Currently I'm reading Desires of the Dead, proofing Half-Blood, working on the prequel, and my sekrit project. 

Since I'm too lazy right now to get up and find Desires of the Dead, it leaves me with the three other choices.  I did a Daimon one last week, so I'm going to go with Half-Blood. Hope you enjoy!

I felt hot and dizzy, like I’d been sitting out in the sun all day. 
All I could think about what how his hand felt on mine. Then, what his hand would feel like on other parts. I shouldn’t be thinking that at all.
Aiden was a pure.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. aiden!

  2. _____FLATLINE______

    I was considering to just leave the comment at that...but I couldn't.

    Ohmigosh! *runs around screaming...on the inside* I LOVE IT! Sucha tease! AAAHHH!

  3. Psst! Mine, not mind!

    But I love it. The child and I are watching for this book!

  4. This should be a Six Sentence Sunday Teaser Torture post instead!

    Love it. Can't wait. So evil.

  5. Awesome teaser! Will Diamon be available in print format?

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Daimon will be available on a limited run for paper copies. Most of them will be handed out as contests... or out of boredom.

    The ebook format will be available to anyone with an internet connection. It will NOT be limited to just the Kindle or Nook.

    I guess, if the demand became super high, it my go up for sell.