Thursday, March 31, 2011

In which I'm a dirty tease

So last night I was being quite the dirty tease on twitter and posted a pic of the page I was reading, which was from Half-Blood. Besides being a dirty tease, the pic was pretty small once loaded into twitpic and after a slew of hate mail because no one could read the page (lol), I thought I’d be nice and post it here.



  1. Hate to break it to you but I still can't read PS I want me some of those book marks....

  2. Naughty tease!! :p You are the best! *zooms up pic*

    (PS: I think this one is my first post. :D I haven't used my google account in a looooooooong time. I didn't even know I had one, lol)

  3. "You are so screwing one of the Guards"...
    Hmmmmm.... Sounds kinda intriguing.... ;)

  4. "You are so screwing on of the Guards"

    That's probably the clearest line of dialogue in the whole thing.

  5. OMG. >.< YOU TEASE! I hope Book Depository has this. I wanna pre order it now. T-T

  6. Naj- Book depository will have it! I'm not sure if it's up for pre-order there or not. But it will be soon

  7. It's clear to me. I see the line "the first day I'd arrived at the Covenant"... and it makes me wonder how my work in progress' resident terrorist group the Covenant broke through the fourth wall into your novel.

  8. Lol. Wasn't hating, I'm just using the current teenage slang, trying to stay in the head of my characters, yo.

  9. OOOH! So I see a Clive, a Lea, and a Lucian ← love that name! :)


  10. Heeheehee. This is what I got:

    Before I could answer, Lea chimed in: “How would you know (?)? Lucian barely claims her.”
    I looked at her blandly. “Was that supposed to hurt my feelings or something?”
    She shrugged. “My stepmother visits me every Sunday. …Lucian visited you?”
    “How would you know?”
    Her look was sly. “I know.”
    “You are so screwing one of the Guards...” ….her. “That explains how you always know so much…
    Lea’s eyes narrowed, much like a cat did w…
    Snickering, I placed my bet on Clive, a young… present the first day I’d arrived at the Covenant… asked (?) to check out the younger girls, and I’d see… few times.
    “Perhaps Lucian is coming to remove you for…” …studied her nails. “I always thought you’d fit in…”
    Casually, I leaned forward and grabbed one… kicked (?) it at Lea’s bent head. With half-blood… before it made contact. “Thanks I needed…” …through it.
    When (?) it neared seven, I headed back to my room… coffee table was an olive green Covenent… as I picked up the uniform… and with trembling fingers…

    I didn't even use zoom! :)

  11. Wow Lucia.

    And you didn't even use poisonous gas either. I'm impressed.