Friday, April 1, 2011

March Epic Contest Winner's Announced! And info on books!

All right, it may be April Fools Day and the leaked Breaking Dawn "sexin" scene pics may have broken twitter last night and left us all in a tizzy, but these are the real winners of the contest.  

And please read all the way for information about the Daimon (the prequel) and signed copies of Half-Blood.

Honorable Mention goes to: Safari Poet

What does that mean? Well, not much of anything, except I'm your new best friend and I promise NOT to trip you if you we're running from zombies. The rest of you? No promises.

3rd place: mssammydean/ Lisa 
(love the screen name by the way. Love me some Sam)
1 Signed Half-Blood Bookmarks
1 Signed Half-Blood Promo Cards
1 Half-Blood stickers
1 Half-Blood guitar picks
1 Signed Haven Bookmarks by Kristi Cook

2nd place: Kristin Seeing Night

2 Signed Half-Blood Bookmarks
2 Signed Half-Blood Promo Cards
2 Half-Blood stickers
2 Half-Blood guitar picks
1 Signed Haven Bookmarks by Kristi Cook

1st place/Grand Prize goes to Mindy fagedmom

3 Signed Half-Blood Promo Cards
3 Signed Half-Blood Bookmarks

3 Half-Blood stickers
3 Half-Blood guitar picks
3 Signed Haven Bookmarks by Kristi Cook
1 Signed A Touch Mortal Bookmark by Leah Clifford
1 Warrior Rune necklace
2 March release books of YOUR CHOICE.

Winners must email me jarmentrout(at)live(dot)com within 72 hours to claim their prize. I need your full name and address. Mindy, please pick TWO of the April releases you would like. Please view post here to pick:

If you didn't win, don't fret. I will have another contest kicking off soon for April! Congrats to the winners!

Now, more fun news. Due to a response for Daimon in paperback form, it will become available in print format. Most likely through the SHP website and Amazon for a few bucks. Like, really cheap. More info will come available on that soon. The ebook will still be FREE.

Also, if you are interested in a SIGNED copy of Half-Blood, please place your orders  here Spencer Hill Press.


  1. Congrats you guys! Hope you enjoy your prizes!

  2. *giggles* I had fun with those pictures yesterday. It's too bad that I was sleeping when the news first hit on Twitter!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. OMG! So excited I got second lol I have to say its a first for me to win on a blog!! Thanks so much jennifer I emailed you today :) Congrats to the other winners.

  4. Congrats too all of the winners! You go Mindy, Queen of the Book contest winners. LOL

    And I am so excited that Daimon will be in print!

  5. I think I am hyperventilating FOR REAL! Oh my gosh!!!! *grabs paper bag* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  6. ANNNNNNND DAIMON in paperback! Waaaaahhhhoooooo! I am so super excited even more now! This just made my night!! THANK YOU!!!

  7. I got my goodies today! Thanks so much!