Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday and Update

Wow, I've been really bad with blog posts recently. Needless to say, I've been busy. I finished up my YA thriller/mystery and completed agent edits (Yay!), finished first passed edits on CURSED (Yay!), turned in the special feature contents for OBSIDIAN (Yay!), proofed pages of PURE (Yay!), and currently working on Aiden's novella. 

Some things to keep in mind. OBSIDIAN comes out 12/6/2011 and it's available in print and digital formats. On the sidebar there are links to order your copy. Currently Barnes and Noble are about $5 cheaper (hint hint).  The print version will have an exclusive first chapter from Daemon's POV and the digital will have two additional scenes from Daemon's POV. There probably won't be anymore ARCs sent out on this book as we are about 2 weeks from release.

Also, the cover for Onyx (Book 2 in the Lux Series) will probably be popping up shortly. 

Pure ARCs will be going out soon from what I hear. If you are interested in an ARC of Pure, please use the contact form on the publisher's website.

All right, for this week's Six Sentence Sunday it's from Obsidian. Hope you enjoy!
This is between Daemon and Katy, and Daemon is speaking first. 

“Why not?”
“Because I’m not going to hold hands with you when I don’t even like you.”
“Ouch.” Daemon placed his hand over his chest, wincing. “That was harsh.”
Yeah, he needed better acting classes.


  1. LOL, cute! Haha, so drama-mama. Missed Obsidian on Netgalley.:( Can't wait for it to be out in Dec! :DD

  2. I can't wait for these books! I finished Half-blood and Daemon and now I'm really anxious for Pure!

  3. Wow, you've got so much on your plate. I've already pre-ordered Obsidian and can't wait to read Pure, Cursed and the novellas.

  4. I can't wait to read Obsidian!

  5. Can't waiT for the cover of ONYX!!! :)

  6. Pure ARCs are on the way from the printer, which means they should go out in the next week or two. So, you know, woot!