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1000 Vote: Daemon's POV from Obsidian

You guys rock! The #HalfBloodLegion is probably the best fan base out there! 

So here is Daemon's POV from Obsidian. Not Onyx. You guys voted and picked the Homecoming Dance Scene from Obsidian. Now, this IS NOT EDITED at all. I threw this together, so if there is any sort of goof ups or whatever, well, that happens in first drafts not edited. Anyway, Hope you enjoy.


                Adjusting my tie, I stepped out of the SUV and grabbed my tux jacket off the back seat, slipping it on. Homecoming. Practically the last place on Earth I wanted to be at. A night of watching sweaty, gawky human teenagers paw all over each other wasn’t my idea of a fun night. But I had little choice.
            I glanced over at Ash. Standing beside her brother, dressed in a white gown, she really did look great. Too bad it was never, ever going to work between us. Our feelings for each other, even if she refused to admit it, had morphed into a more familial thing.
            Andrew looked over at me as he messed with his cuff links. His brows inched up. “I don’t even know why you’re coming to this, man.”
            His sister made an impatient noise in her throat. “I have to agree, but can we move this conversation inside?” She waved a slender hand at the school. “I have people I need to make jealous.”
            I smiled. “Do tell?”
            “My dress.” She twirled around, and I swore it was see-through for a second. Andrew looked away, but not before I saw him pale. Yep, part of it was see-through. “My dress could feed a small village for a year, which means these… people haven’t ever seen the likes of such beauty and perfection.”
            Shaking my head, I laughed. Ash… well, she was an acquired taste. As the three of us headed in, I knew they’d never believe me if I told them why I really was here.
            It had to do with one sweaty, gawky human teenager pawing all over one human in particular. Once I knew that Kat had actually accepted the idiot’s offer to the dance, there was no way I could stay home. Instinct was screaming that she was going to need me. Or it was a really messed up territorial need to… to do what?
            Go in there, beat the crap out of Simon and claim my girl?
            Uh no, because beating the crap out of humans would probably end in death and she wasn’t my girl. No way in holy hell.
            Ash disappeared into a flock of several girls who were already squawking and squealing about her dress. Forcing myself to breathe and not zoom around the room, popping all the balloons that probably took an entire day to blow up, I found the nearest empty table and sat. Following suit, Andrew did the same. He started talking about some football game I could give two craps about and I zoned him out.
            And waited.
            And waited some more.
            And then I saw Simon’s jock-douchebag friends head toward the door and I knew that meant Kat was here. Leaning back in my chair, I casually looked over my shoulder.
            Something unexpected happened to my chest. It felt like someone had walked right up to me and socked me in it. I might have stopped breathing. Right there, surrounded by humans, in front of still yapping Andrew.
            “Oh Mary, mother of baby Jesus,” I muttered.
            Kat stood by the door, her hands clasped around a tiny clutch as her eyes bounced around the gymnasium nervously. The dress… aw man, that dress should be illegal. Tight around the bodice and waist, then flowing over her hips like a river of crimson silk. Her hair was up, revealing a long, graceful neck I didn’t know she had.
            Red was my favorite color.
            Kat wasn’t cute. She wasn’t even sexy. She was beautiful—absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
            I watched her bolt as soon as she spotted Lesa and an approving smile spread over my lips. That’s right, Kitten, I thought, stay away from Simon. He so doesn’t deserve to be in the same time zone as you.
            I had no idea how long I watched her, but I eventually lost sight of her in the crowd. Part of me wanted to get up, punch Andrew in his mouth to shut him up, and go find her. But that would raise eyebrows, so I remained there, gripping the back of my chair so hard it groaned under the pressure.
            Then she reappeared with my sister, skirting along the dance floor. She stopped, twisting gracefully until her gaze landed on my table as if she’d been looking for me. Something inside me roared a male approval.
            Our eyes locked, and there was that sucker-punch feeling again, except in moved lower, into my stomach. I was mesmerized, enthralled. Her lips parted and—
            And Simon pushed through the crowd, blocking her from me. Every muscle in my body locked up as a primal urge rushed through me. I started to stand, but at the last moment, forced myself to sit.
            A few seconds later, Ash arrived at the table. She was saying something, but I didn’t really hear her. Then Andrew leaned over, snapping his fingers in my face. “Man,” he said. “What’s your deal?”
            “Shut up.”
            “Nice.” Andrew got up. “I’m getting something to drink.”
            Peace out, I thought. I kept an eye on Simon… and Simon’s hands. I did not like them.
            “Do you want to dance?” Ash asked. “Or do you want to sit here and glower?” When I didn’t answer, she huffed as she stood.  “Whatever. You’re boring.”
            I barely acknowledged that she’d left too and that I was sitting at a table alone, like a dork. My gaze was trained on the couple. Couple? God. It was insulting to Kat to even refer to her and Simon as a couple.
            But I could deal. What Kat was doing really wasn’t any of my business. In reality, she can do whatever she wanted. If that meant dancing—
            Simon’s hand glided down the front of her dress, causing Kat to jerk back. Her angry expression was lost in a sea of faces and… well, that was it. I was on my feet before I even realized it, moving between dancers, my hands curling into fists.
            I stalked up to them, stopping behind Kat. “Mind if I cut in?”
            Simon’s eyes shot wide, and he must’ve seen his impending doom in my face, because he dropped his arms and took a step back. “Perfect timing. I needed to get a drink anyway.”
            I arched a brow and then turned to Kat, dismissing the idiot. “Dance?”
            She stared back a moment, then carefully placed her hands on my shoulders. “This is a surprise.”
            Damn if it wasn’t. I wrapped an arm around her waist and took one of her hands in mine. And damn if she didn’t feel right in my arms, perfect actually.
            Stupid and oddly wishful thinking.
            Her incredibly long lashes swept up and eyes warm but wary searched mine. A pretty flush spread across her cheeks and down her throat. I’d do something terrible to know what she was thinking. I pulled her closer.
            Confusion and a… richer emotion marked her features. “Are you having a good time with…Ash?”
            “Are you having a good time with Happy Hands?”
            She sucked in her lower lip, and I bit back a groan. “Such a constant smartass.”
            I laughed and she shivered in my arms. “The three of us came together—Ash, Andrew, and me.” Why was I telling her this? My hand slipped to her hip and I cleared my throat, looking over the top of her head. “You… you look beautiful, by the way. Really too good to be with that idiot.”
            Her eyes widened. “Are you high?”
            “Unfortunately, no I’m not. Though, I am curious why you would ask.”
            “You never say anything nice to me.”
            “Good point.” Damn, I was a dick sometimes. Well, most of the times. I lowered my chin and she jumped when my jaw grazed her cheek. “I’m not going to bite you. Or grope you. You can relax.”
            She was silent, so I took that as a good thing. Acting on instinct, I guided her head to my chest and then placed my hand on her lower back. Dancing like that was normal. Nothing for anyone to fuss over, including me.
            Breathing in the peaches scent of hers, I closed my eyes and let the music guide us. There was something strangely intimate about slow dancing. Not the bumping and grinding kind that left little to the imagination, but this—two bodies melded together, drifting in the same beat, touching in all the right places. Intimate.
            Okay, maybe I was high.
            My hand curled against her back. “Seriously, how’s your date going?”
            Kat smiled. “He’s a little friendly.”
            “That’s what I thought.” I searched for him in the crowd, wanting to knock him out. “I warned you about him.”
            “Daemon,” she said. “I have him under control.”
            I snickered. “Sure looks like it, Kitten. His hands were moving so fast I was beginning to question if he was human or not.” She stiffened in my embrace. “You should sneak out of here and go home while he’s distracted. I can even get Dee to morph into you if need be.”
            Katy pulled back and I immediately missed the way she felt. “It’s okay if he gropes your sister?”
            Well no, but… “I know she can take care of herself. You’re out of your league with that guy.”
            We’d completely stopped dancing by this point. A storm was brewing and it had a name: Kitten. I almost smiled.
            “Excuse me?” she said. “I’m out of my league?”
            Didn’t she get it? “Look, I drove here. I can let Dee catch a ride with Andrew and take you home.” Sounded like a good plan to me, but the look on her face said it was no-go. “Are you actually considering going to the party with that idiot?”
            “Are you going?” She pulled her hand free.
            “It doesn’t matter what I’m doing.” And I wasn’t ready to let her go yet. “You’re not going to that party.”
            “You can’t tell me what to do, Daemon.”
            Frustration whipped through me. Didn’t she get that I was trying to look out for her? This wasn’t a ‘who was the boss of me’ contest. “Dee is taking you home. And I swear, if I have to throw you over my shoulder and carry you out of here, I will.”
            Her hand fisted against my chest. “I’d like to see you try.”
            I smiled. “I bet you would.”
            “Whatever. You’re the one who’s going to cause a scene carrying me out of here.”
            I made a sound low in my throat, but she actually smiled up at me, a mixture of smugness and innocence. “Because you’re local alien teacher is watching us as we speak. What do you think he’s going to believe when you toss me over your shoulder, buddy?”
            Son… of a biscuit.
            “Thought so,” she said.
            I was still seriously considering throwing her over my shoulder and carrying her out of here with the whole school watching. I think I also wanted to kiss her… with the entire school watching. Probably do things that would make that flush turn a deeper shade of red.        
            Her glare turned defiant and damn if a part didn’t really, really like that.  
            A smile formed on my lips. “I keep underestimating you, Kitten.”

At 1250, you will get a sneak peek at the special edition from Seth's POV in Pure.



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