Friday, December 30, 2011

750 Votes: Pure and Onyx Teaser

All right guys, Alex has reached 750 votes! Which means, it a Pure and Onyx teaser time. Keep in mine these teasers could be spoilery for those who haven't read Half-Blood or Obsidian. And that some of the teasers are unedited and may not be in the final version. 

Teaser #1 Pure

This kiss was nothing like the first one we’d shared. Its rawness left us both breathless. There wasn’t a moment of hesitation or indecision. There was just want and need and a thousand other powerful, crazy things. His lips scorched mine, his hands dropped to my shoulders, sliding down my arms. My skin burned under my sweater, but oh, this was so much more than just a kiss. It was the way he touched the deepest parts of me. My heart and soul would never be the same. It was nearly overwhelming to realize something as powerful as that and it brought a sense of urgency that pushed me into the unknown.

Teaser # 2 Onyx

“Deal,” I murmured.
 His hand found my cheek, and I closed my eyes.  He whispered my name. My mouth opened, but there were no words to be spoken. There was just anticipation and the need to lose myself. At first, his lips brushed across mine lightly, testing my response and the gentle nature of the kiss was disarming. I placed my hands on his shoulders and they tightened when he swept his lips over mine again. His kiss deepened, and I felt like I was swimming in raw emotions. It was elating and yet confusing at the same time. I kissed him back, and his hands dropped to my waist, pulling me closer.

And end scene!! Moihahaha. So, okay, up next is the 1,000 votes, which is a Daemon POV from Obsidian. Since I'm not sure which one to do, I will give you a viewers choice. I will close out the poll once Alex reaches 1,000 votes.  Also, don't forget, at a 1,000 votes, I'll give away an ARC of Pure.


  1. OMG so evil stopping the Onyx Teaser there.
    OMG I just keep falling more in love with Daemon ::fans self::

  2. I am so in love with Daemon! Can I just have Onyx now! PLEASE.... oh well it was worth a try.


  3. So evil Jennifer! Hate you right now!

    Have an amazing reading week!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  4. THAT Onyx teaserrr <333333333

  5. I can't resist wild guessing, and for the record my current crazy thought is that the Onyx teaser is Katy and Adam! Hurry up, May, so I can find out how right or how really, really wrong I am! :)

  6. Oh man this is driving me crazy, I need's been to long without Daemon.