Thursday, February 2, 2012

In which I freak out over the little things

Okay, so I pretty much get all giggly over the little things. Like today for example. I woke up, saw that Liz Pelletier, the publisher (and my editor at Entangled Books) had been interviewed over at USA Today. 

You know, THIS USA Today.  

I was all like, "Oh, interesting! Let me take a looksie."

And I'm reading the article and I get to this part, which is USA Today's part, and I pretty much squeal.

"The authors involved behind the scenes and scrawled on Entangled's book covers have names you'll recognize: Lori Wilde, Nina Bruhns, Caridad PiƱeiro, Laura Kaye, Jennifer L. Armentrout."

Wait. WHAT? My name is a name recognized? Seriously, when I saw this, I thought I woke up in an alternate universe.  A very good universe, tee hee.Of course, I have nothing to do with anything behind the scenes. I'm just a writer and all, but I was so, so flattered to be included in that list of authors.

So yeah, I squealed and freaked out. 

If you would like to read the full article and actually learn more about Entangled Publishing and some of the things they are doing, please click on the link USA TODAY


  1. Well, you do deserve to be recognized!

  2. Cause you're awesome like that. Congrats!!!
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  3. Well, you're WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY more recognized than me, so you can imagine MY reaction! LOL It was a total thrill, wasn't it??? :D