Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is me

So for those who are wondering: What do authors look like when they're trying to finish a manuscript, have a thousand other things to do, have deadlines looming, and edits in the horizon? 


That's my: What the heck did I just write face. 

And this is my: Hmm, that kind of makes sense face.

And then this is my: Is it bedtime yet face?

This is pretty much the writing process as a whole. Yep.


  1. Looks like fun. Can't wait till I have a good enough idea to get to that stage. So far I have made a mad overlord and a teenage girl who's conciousness was preserved for 300 years in a canister. She has magical powers. That idea does not work, WAY TOO complicated!! But good luck to you! You deserve to be at that stage! And I'm sure it can be bedtime at any time. Just write in the book that's bedtime and they have to go asleep. Then just fall asleep on the keyboard, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Lol

  2. Awe! I have learned so much about you here! =D


  3. Lots of faces to be made during the writing process I take it?! LOL
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  4. What about the face one gets when their characters aren't behaving in the way they expect of them?