Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Hey Kitten:" memes and Onyx ARC

Dani over at Refracting Light made these awesome "Hey Kitten" Daemon memes for #daemoninvasion and that got me thinking of a cool contest.

Aren't they just awesome? And yes, for those who haven't read Obsidian, they are lines from the book. 

So here's the contest.

Make your own "Hey Kitten" meme using any picture out there of Daemon (can be the original cover of Obsidian or the current Shadows, Obsidan and Onyx). Put your favorite Obsidian, Shadows, or Onyx (for those who've read Onyx) in the meme.

To get pics of him and/or Katy, you can just save the cover art from Goodreads or go to my Facebook page (link below). There are tons of high resolution book cover images there.

You have two ways of getting it to me.

1. Upload it to your face book and TAG ME. My facebook page is HERE
2. Tweet the meme to me at @JLArmentrout

It's US, International, Universal. Doesn't matter.

I'll keep this running until... May 15th.


  1. So cool. I love the fourth one!

  2. I meant I got one done.... jeeze, 2 am bed is calling...

  3. I already made mine and sent it via Twitter... it's pretty cheesy. I'm probably going to regret it when I'm fully awake :)

    @Nicole I think I already saw yours on FB. I love the photo you used ^_^

  4. I am totally drooling right now LOL

  5. Dani is so awesome! That girl has magic graphic hands!

  6. Hi Jennifer, this is an awesome contest. If I posted it on my blog, could I give you a shortlink to that? My twitter is kinda temperamental.

  7. I've tried my hand at three so far and included them in my #daemoninvasion post here .

  8. Here I go again, my tech skills..ha!! I only found out how to frame an image in Picnik and collage covers and now it's gooooonnee...poo!! Now I will give my best untechnical p/s zippo go at this..sure gets my brain cranking over:D But I do enjoy a bit of creativity:D:D