Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cursed Info

I've been here before.  And I have a feeling I will be here a couple more times before the year is over. 

Some of you have been getting emails from B&N, Book Depository, and Amazon saying that CURSED is shipping early, like WAY early.I was hoping that it was just B&N and then it was Book Depo too and then I was like praying it wasn't Amazon also.

It is. 

So if you know the drill by now, you can stop reading. If not, here it goes!

If you've pre-ordered CURSED, you may or may not receive it anytime from now until the official release date which is 9/18/2012. If you decide to order it now, you may receive it. You may not. There is no way to know. The digital versions most likely will NOT go live until the official release date. 

As an author, I have absolutely no control over release dates, rather it's pushed up or pushed back. That's all in the publisher and/or distributor's hands. Several things can mess with those dates.

I've gotten some questions about why this happens a lot and what it means. Sometimes when a book moves into the distributor's warehouse before the release date, the vendors can see that it's technically now "in stock" and they can start processing those orders. Normally, the book will still hold until the release date or should.  Usually that can happen like a week before a release date and in this case, it's happening several weeks before the release date.Books typically shouldn't release this early.

But this is great news for the reader if you've been wanting to read the print version.  It usually creates confusion for everyone else, lol. So I will most likely be posting to this blog when anyone has questions about why the digital version isn't available when the print is or why the print is released. I can't type all of this is Twitter. =)

Now, a little fun fact on CURSED. I wrote CURSED in 2008/2009, while I was querying Half-Blood. It was acquired in Spring of 2011 by SHP. So this little book is roughly four years in the making!


  1. Cool! Now I wish I had pre-ordered Cursed...

    Alyssa Susanna

  2. I'm so excited!!!!! It must feel really good to finally send this baby out into the big wide world after so long! Congratulations, Jennifer!!! =D

  3. YAY! So long this book has been waiting on coming out :D (boo to them for shoving it out early, poor preemie book)

  4. This seems to always happen to you. Congrats on the book finally coming out into the world! ( I loved Cursed and am excited to get my hardcover copy) Shame on the booksellers for releasing it early though.

  5. I got mine!!! Yay ;) I am happy with this! It's super good so far, but everything you write is good! So I won't be dissapointed.

  6. Is this the first in a new series or do I need to get caught up on another book(s) first?