Sunday, August 26, 2012

PAYA Wrap Up

Yesterday I went to the 3rd annual PAYA Festival in West Chester, PA with Wendy Higgins and the uber cool Evie. (Evie had the cutest dress eva on.) I like to think we took the scenic route to West Chester, which included destinations like Baltimore MD, Camden, NJ, and Burger King. I'm pretty sure 2 out of those 3 are in the Top 10 murder capitals in the United States.The 3 of us talked so much on the way up, that Wendy wore off her chapstick. I swear we were only talking.

PAYA was great. I got to meet a lot of great readers, bloggers, and other authors. I saw Jeri Smith-Ready and got to talk to her. Well, if staring at her like a dweeb counts as talking, I did that. I don't know what it is about her and Rachel Vincent, but whenever I'm around them I have no idea how to hold a conversation. There are other authors I fan girl over and love just as equally, but dear God, I'm an idiot around those two. I also got to chat with Victoria Schwab, Jessica Spotswood, and Tiffany Schmidt. I ended up spoiling the end of Obsidian for them while talking about jerky guys in YA. 

The every awesome Vi and Jena were there. I got to meet Vi's family, who all were just adorable, and after the event we did dinner. Both of them will probably have some awesome swag to give away on their blogs in the near future. I stocked them up. 

They got me the awesome lollipop boutique that I of course broke into immediately

Proof of last statement.

Me and Teresa

Nikki and I

Wendy and I with awesome facial expressions during signing

Wendy and I, and yes, a very awesome Jeri Smith Ready in the background

The line for the signing at PAYA. 

Jessica and Me

And... How I take photos at a signing.

But how I really want to pose in photos


The next signing I'll be doing is at the Baltimore Book Festival September 28th-30th. I'm also on some panels. I'm not sure of the time right now and I've totally forgotten what those panels are about. For that last reason alone you should come see them, because it will sure to be humorous at some point.


  1. Such awesome pics.
    I am so jealous I wish I could have met you. One day... I swear! One day!!

  2. I totally agree with Kayleigh's statement! ^^^^^^^^^

    You need to come to the UK and then me and Kayeigh can meet you!

  3. PAYA was made of awesome! It was so great to get to meet you! And Wendy Higgins and Jeri Smith-Ready! I had a blast!


  4. It was so awesome to finally meet and hang out!!! <3 you!

  5. It was great to see you again Jen and loved having dinner with you. So happy you love the gift and a BIG THANKS for all the swag for the JLA Reading Challenge. You are too amazing! <3

  6. Great pics! Forget the UK, please come to Australia!!! *flashes insanely adorable puppy dog eyes* and bring Wendy with you? There's room at my house! ;)

  7. Are you coming to TEXAS!!!??? We are DYING to have you!

  8. How fun is that!


  9. OMG your coming to Baltimore...oh im so their :D PLEASE keep us up to date *freaken out* right now squeeecks

  10. This is awful!!! The weekend I have been waiting for my whole life (almost) when one of my favorite authors FINALLY comes to Baltimore, I have a horse show! That's it. The Universe hates me. It actually hates me!
    I would be on my knees begging, but it probably wouldn't make you come back again... :( But I'll force my friend to go and take pictures/videos.