Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tours and Booksignings

With every tour or signing announcement, I always feel bad because there's a lot of places always left out. Just not outside the U.S., but some states that it just doesn't make sense for a publisher to send me to. There is always a lot of questions about signings and requests for me to come to certain areas after a signing is announced or a contest. Which by the way makes me all warm and fuzzy, because I am beyond flattered that anyone, anywhere would want to meet me. 

But sometimes I get emails where people are really upset that a country or location is left off the list, sometimes at me, so I thought it would be good to address the issue of signings. Keep in mind, this is not the same for every author, but it's a pretty widespread practice.

1. I don't pick the places where I do a tour. Sometimes I have a say in it. Like with the Deity tour, I told the publisher I wanted one day I could spend in Salem. Yep, that's the extent of my control. The tour is almost always set up by the publisher and the author goes where they are told, because nine out of ten times, the publisher is paying for the tour and related expenses. While I'd love to hit up every state, a publisher isn't going to pay for something like that and I'd go bankrupt trying to fund something like that.

2. Events are totally different. Authors usually have to be invited to attend an event, like PAYA or YALLFest or they have to register to attend the event. And attending those events are not free usually. Some cost upwards of $500 or more for the author to take part in and most of the time the publisher doesn't pay for the event or the cost of traveling. A lot of authors, including me, foot those bills because some of the larger events like BEA and RT are well worth that kind of investment because you get to meat hundreds if not thousands of readers. So sometimes the reason why an author doesn't go to an event near you is because a) they weren't invited b) they didn't register in time to attend c) they have a book to write/deadline and therefore cannot attend.

3. Tours can cost a decent amount of the money. The publisher needs to have the expectation that they can recoup the loss through the tour or during and afterward through exposure. That's why you see a lot of author tours in big cities. It's all about markets. I'm sure they have a crazy complicated formula for it, but they target certain cities based on reading statistics, event participation, population, and a whole slew of other factors. For example, authors never EVER come to Martinsburg, West Virginia, because of all those factors. I live there and don't do signings there. The best advice I can say is keep an eye on your favorite author. They may not ever come to your town, but they may come to one that is pretty close. 

4. Overseas. Here's the sad fact. Overseas tours are rare. For several reasons. Cost is a big thing and is probably the same reason why readers who live in Italy don't fly to Nashville for an author's signing. Also, if a book isn't sold into a foreign territorial, meaning that the foreign rights haven't sold to an Australian publisher or UK publisher for example, most likely an author won't do a signing there because the book isn't even being sold in that country. Usually international tours are done when a book becomes an international bestseller or really takes off in a country that it's being sold in. Trust me guys, I'd love to visit places overseas than I would in the US, but if the book isn't translated and/or sold in that country, it's probably not going to happen. 

Here are the countries that are selling or will be selling my books:
Daimon- Turkey and Spain
Half-Blood- Spain, Turkey, Germany
Pure- Spain, Turkey, Germany
Deity-  Turkey

Lux Series
Obsidian- Spain, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, France
Onyx-- France
Opal-- France

Tempting the Best Man- Greece, France
Tempting the Player- France
Tempting the Bodyguard- France

Don't Look Back- Israel, Serbia

The Daemon Invasion contest is the exception to the rule. We are letting the fans choose where a signing will be, but I'd be smart about it. If you know your town is small but you live near a bigger city, go with that bigger city due to the amount of votes it could receive. You have a better chance at winning. =) 

I hope that clears up some signing and event questions.I can tell you that next year I will be at St. Augustine Florida Olde City New Blood conference, RT in Kansas City, and BEA in NYC. That's what I'm scheduled to attend so far. That will be added to, but just to give you an idea.


  1. I can't see the Daemon Invasion contest!:(

  2. I keep hoping for Obsidian to be released in Mexico so we can have a chance to have you here Jen! Love ya!

  3. Very informative post, I live in UK and feel we miss out a lot as all the major bookish events occur in the US. Even the events that do occur over here would be impossible for me to attend so I have to make do with making individual, personal connections.
    Good luck with all your promotional events, tours and signings.

  4. As much as I would wish you would come to Sydney, Australia I totally understand the costs and limitations authors have on tours! Good work putting it out there!

  5. I would like for you guys to come to Yakima, WA, but I know my city is small, so I nominated Seattle! Seattle = BEST. COFFEE. EVER.

  6. A great post & thank-you for sharing!

    I'm with Moonlessbites; I'd love to see you in Sydney but completely understand the huge costs involved - one day ;) I am just thankful we still have access to all of your books.

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  8. Hey Jennifer I'm a new blogger here and I'm a big fan of yours! I searched for your book for 4 months trying to find it, but failed until last September 12 2012 I found it, but only the second book :(( All my hard work is gone!!!!

    Can you check my blog? I made a review for your book :) It's my favorite series until now and I hope to read more of yours. I'm really a big fan thanks Jennifer!

  9. Good thing I'm planning on going to BEA again next year! :)

  10. Yay, I'm so glad your going to do the Deamon invasion! Please please come to Atlanta! I live near there and its a really popular city. I would love to meet you! Can't wait for Opal in December!!

  11. Please please come to Colorado! I live in the country in Colorado, what better place to release the book than some rinky dink town like mine? I live in Calhan, CO. But you should release it in Colorado Springs, or Denver. Please please come here!

  12. Please come to Denver! I would absolutely love the chance to meet you! You inspired me to start my own blog, please please come to Denver! I love all your books!

  13. Oh I LOVE St. Augustine! See you there, lol.

    Still Pulling for Orlando in the Opal contest though.

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  15. I still can't believe that Opal is coming out on my 18'th birthday! I've always hated the fact that my birthday is so late in december, but god, I'm turning 18 AND buying Opal at the same day! that's a win-win situation! yeey :D Can't wait for it!
    Love all your work, Jennifer. I don't think there's a book of your that I haven't read.


  16. Okay, if some of you guys haven't read Opal yet, DON'T READ FURTER. you've been warned.

    Jennifer!! I just have to say, that if you make Ash and Daemon have some sort of "kissing" "flirting" moment in the next book, I will possibly hurt Daemon very badly and loose all respect for him. If it's one thing I absolutely hate, it's when the guy have a "sad" moment at do something he shouldn't(and he really, really shouldn't be near Ash if it's not to hug her in a very friendly way) just because Kat is "away" a little.
    that's the most disrespectful and p*ssy way of acting. Sorry, but that's how it is.

    Okay, I got that off my chest. *Breathes out in relief*. Just don't made Daemon and Ash do anything together, please. it would ruin so much of everything, no matter how much you/your publisher may want it :(

    1. I agree, I absolutely love Katy and Daemon and would be crushed if Ash and Daemon ended up doing something they really really shouldn't. I read the books and I connected with it and would hate it if anything were to happen. So please don't make Daemon and Ash have a moment. Thanks

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  25. I know how it feels to be left out for something you’ve waited for so long. I’m rooting for Daimon invasion!

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  27. Hello I'm Rhea I found so many good reviews in your book. If I have a time I'm going to buy some of your books :) Keep Writing :)

  28. Hello I'm Rhea I found so many good reviews in your book. If I have a time I'm going to buy some of your books :) Keep Writing :)