Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Winners and more Winners

I've gotten the winners from the "I'm Cursed" contest. First I want to say there were some really great entries and the team reading the posts had a really hard time deciding on the top three. I did not pick the winners, but I did read over the entries. The team was looking for the most creative method and I think they settled on three that really fit that requirement. I also want to thank those who were patient. The contest ended on the 25th and then I had to give time for people to read the entries. With the kind of prizes involved, they really wanted the time to make sure they were giving everyone a fair shot. 

Winners need to email me at jenniferlarmentrout(at)live(dot)com 
1st place needs to let me know if they want the Nook or the Kindle
2md place needs to email me their full name and address
3rd place needs to email me their name to be used in the 4th Lux novel

1st Place
Winner of the Nook or Kindle
 Ashley Wyckoff- 
Answer: How would you find a way to touch a person you loved if your touch killed?
The obvious answer to this question would be to wear gloves or some other sort of barrier. You could also say there are other ways to touch someone besides physically like emotionally, but neither of those things get you actual skin to skin contact. For that you need to open up your mind more.
The best thing to do would be to find a cure for the curse but you can’t just go to any doctor for that. You can go to a fairy though. Fairies are quite smart they could create an exlir that can either make him immune or to cure her. The only problem is fairies are very cunning and you need to have something they want or know their name to get them to work with you.
You can also find a vampire. Then have the vampire turn him into a vampire so he is now immune to her touch or turn her into a vampire so that her curse is gone. Now all you have to do is control your thirst.
If you don’t want to use any mythical creatures you can go about it a more scientific way. The first thing you need to do is learn how the curse works. This may be too difficult to do so start with small things. How does it kill the person? Is it only skin that causes it to happen or is saliva or blood involved?
This was an interesting question I hope I answer it uniquely enough

*thinking outside of the box... or the gloves*
2nd Place
Winner of the swag pack
Answer: Excellent question, especially since touch is important not just to humans but lots of other species as well...
There's the usual stuff like wear clothing, use other objects--like a back scratcher for example, breathe/blow on them, use that spray on silicone that helps you hide your finger prints...uh..I mean...But those all include barriers and the only thing I could think of was super far out there and nerdy. So I'm just gonna let my nerd flag fly and say I keep thinking back to the Star Trek movie where the Borg give Data the "skin" so that he's able to feel touch. You know the one I'm talking about? Where they attach the skin to him and his super brain registers the sensations as feelings and for .0005 nano seconds he actually thinks about joining the Borg because it feels so good? You know, THIS scene: ANYWAY, that's what I'd do. NO, not become Borg. Sheesh. I'd have to either become Data, get me an emotion chip and graft on some skin or become a nun. No way I could live with the fam and not touch them :)

*nerd flag fly (giggles*

3rd Place
Name as a character in 4th Lux book
Answer: I would create a phone app for that. You know there's apps for everything, why not to touch someone? Haha.

*I'm pretty sure everyone laughed out loud at that*

Some honorable mentions:
Someone said call Chuck Norris. LMAO. Another said touch in a pool of pudding. Giggles. And phone sex was a great answer. So were the druids, but we had a lot of witch-type responses.

Congrats to the winners!

Now I have one more thing to give away. The winner of the Opal ARC from the cover reveal. 
Winner must email their full name and address to soneale(at)entangledpublishing(dot)com Keep in mind, Opal ARCs are not available yet.
Winner is:
Number 192: Gaby Navarro


  1. Congrats to the winners! So excited for you all!

  2. Congrats to all of the winners!!

  3. Waaaaa!! OMG! I can't believe I won! This is incredible!! *crying happy tears*
    Thank you so much Jen!! You're awesome!! <3

  4. Congrats to you all! The phone app is hilarious. I love it.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners =D

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